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Shops, restaurants, and amazing little places to visit are everywhere in Shepherdstown if you know where to look.
Shepherdstown is a small college town in West Virginia that prides itself on having a strong community. Whether you are just passing through or planning to stay, this town will make you feel right at home. There are many small shops with items from local farms and artists. One thing I really love about this town is that most of the shops are pet friendly. I have never been to Shepherdstown and not enjoyed my time. My only complaint would be the limited parking available. Since it is such a small town, they tend to be right there when the meter runs out so keep a close eye on your time!
Shepherdstown is a small town with people who fight for change in the county. Many activist and protesters walk down main street to fight for changes to the board of education or corporations moving into the small town. Every though the town is located in West Virginia is still is a liberal town with open minded people. Even though I love this small town there are small changes that I wish would happen in the future. One change is the parking situation for College students and the area and residents. There are rarely enough parking to go around with it being a college town. Another change is the price of living in town. The renting of apartments are incredibly expensive and i am lucky to live far enough away from main street that I'm not effected as much by the price.
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Shepherdstown is small, friendly, and extremely safe. The natural beauty of the surrounding area makes it a great place to go for walks and there's always something interesting going on downtown.
Shepherdstown is a great place to raise a family. The schools are great. There are several activities throughout the year. My favorite is the boo-fest. The entire town, both adults and kids dress up in their favorite costumes for a night of trick or treat, good food and music. The town feels safe, and as a minority, I must say I feel very welcome. Love, love, love, Shepherdstown!
I go to school at Shepherd University, and I absolutely love it! The town is so cute with lots of great food and shops, and I love the campus. It's small enough that I can get where I need to go and yet big enough there are endless opportunities for me.
Shepherdstown is such a positive, little town. Very small community of people with such large hearts. Everyone there is caring and loves to participate in charity events around the area.
We have enjoyed living here. It's a small town but not too small. People are friendly. The only aspect we didn't care for is the Home Owners Association. We would prefer to not have one.
It is a very pretty town with the university nearby. For Halloween the towns streets are packed with people and events. The university is a very big part of the town
Shepherds town is an absolutely wonderful place to live. If you enjoy fresh air and a friendly community this area is perfect for you. The main street is filled with bakeries, shops, and restaurants that are neat to talk to. Shepherds town has a welcoming vibe, with its art work and nice community members. The only reason it doesn't deserve a 5 star is because parking is awful!
It's a really cool, hippy sort of town. The restaurants in the area are very nice and some more affordable than others. The public middle school is typically better than the other schools in Jefferson county. It has a very nice and friendly atmosphere. Shepherd University in located in the middle of it and it is a very nice campus. Appealing to those who don't live near it.
Shepherdstown is an awesome, friendly town full of history! The buildings and residences are charming. Main street is lined with yummy restaurants and shopping. The town loves a parade...Easter, May Day, 4th of July and Christmas to name a few! They host a garden tour and tea, a dog festival and an annual fundraiser raising funds for breast cancer called, "Identity Crisis". Shepherd University makes for a busy town during the school year and the Summer brings CATF (Contemporary American Film Festival) and more!
Shepherdstown is a great college town. It tends to be very liberal in its political views and lifestyle. There is an active music and art scene, and many activities. The residents are health conscious and environmentally friendly. There are a lot of town rules however, and the parking police are particularly unfair. The town police also wait around town to write tickets. There is not much choice for shopping around town, but the restaurants are good. Rent tends to be on the expensive side. If you live near town, you can manage without a car. Lots of historical places in the vicinity, if that interests you.
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