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I went to school in Shepherd from kindergarten through 12th grade. the schooling system is amazing, and great for such a small town.

The town itself is actually a village it's so small. The community is great, but there isn't much there. they have a pizza place, a bar, and ice cream shop, and other small random shops. They do have a Dollar General, McDonald's, and a gas station.

Every April they have a three-day festival called the Maple Syrup Festival, where there's a craft show, carnival, all you can eat pancakes, and more.

Shepherd is a small town, with little diversity.

Overall, a nice country village and nice place to live.
Shepherd Community is small and you can walk to your friends house if you wanted. The Community hosts The Annual Maple Syrup Festival every year and that brings in a lot of people.
Mitchell's Deli is the best place in town for pizza and convenience items. The family who owns this establishment is a local couple who are very involved in the community. They work closely with the school to help support the local sports clubs. They donate to families in need, and genuinely care about everyone's well being. It's a honor to support such a great local business!
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Shepherd is the "sweetest little town, anywhere around!" It is a small village in the middle of the Michigan mitten. Shepherd is known for its annual Maple Syrup Festival, which takes place during the last week in April. It is a very safe town, family-friendly with excellent teachers within its public school system. The houses within the village range from years old to centuries old, and they tend to be on the pricier side. For more affordable options, there are many housing options on the countryside around the village. Shepherd has several quaint shopping spots, including antique stores and a dollar store, but there is no place to buy groceries. The nearest grocery stores are about a 10-15 commute. Overall, I would recommend Shepherd as a sweet, quiet little town that is a great option for families looking for a nice place to live.
I loved the small community and united feel of the 'sweetest little town anywhere around'! It was a great and safe place to raise a family and even though the village is small, it provides a feeling of home no matter if you're walking down the sidewalk to Cones and Candy or experiencing the school spirit of the Bluejays.
Growing up in the small town of Shepherd was a blessing. This safe, family-friendly town made it easy to focus on my educational studies, and work without worrying about my safety. Seeing friendly faces everywhere you are makes this town very warm and inviting.
Shepherd is known to many as the sweetest little town anywhere around. This is a town where everybody knows everybody. Although it is small in size the people of Shepherd make it worth your while. Everybody is friendly and willing to lend a hand. There is no night life which makes it quiet and peaceful for those families that live there.
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