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The borough is poorly managed. We pay some of the highest county taxes, yet roads, schools, codes, etc are not maintained/enforced.
Growing up in Shenandoah was amazing. There was always something to do with friends and family. There were beautiful parks to go to and fun community events. There were always children running around together during the summer nights.
Shenandoah has a rich history behind it, and has real potential for growth for individuals willing to invest and work with the community. Housing is affordable for a young family starting out. The school system is very solid with great school spirit. The school system is very accommodating and has a great, student with special needs program. With any town there are opportunities to improve and Shenandoah could use the help. I have previously lived in several metropolitan areas and experienced several communities with both good and bad within it. That being said, Shenandoah is a good place to start.
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I've lived many places. Shenandoah is the worst. A hate crime occurred up the street from me where four teenagers beat a Mexican guy to death while screaming racial slurs at him. The kids weren't arrested. Check out the documentary Shenandoah. Also, take a look at the other reviews here. It will give you a pretty good idea of the caliber of person you'll encounter.

I left shortly after that incident. A few friends who are still there say that it's gotten worse. It's a highly racist conservative small town with no hope of opportunity. Most residents' families have lived there for generations. The local school system is a joke. A large margin of students who attended school with me dropped out and exploited public benefits. Many of them claim that minorities in the area are stealing their welfare, nearly every white person I knew was collecting benefits. A local entrepreneur/property owner who is a longtime friend rents all Section 8 because that is all that is available
give me a break. Police making $79,000 per year in a town with an average income of $25000!! All the town budget goes to salaries and retirement. A real dump, poor schools, poor teachers, overpaid teachers and administrators ($150,000)!! High crime rate (18% of the people are from the Dominican Republic (thank you Obama) and the catholic priests. Let the won die in peace.
Dealing with the borough hall is a nightmare. I applied for a handicapped parking space 10/2017. It was finally approved 6/2018. I am told now I am on the list for 4/2019 for it to be put in. Requests for work permits & assistance with other matters are delayed due to an ineffective staff. Streets are poorly treated in inclimate weather.
I've lived here most of my life. It's a pretty average town, not much to do but we always find ways to bring the community together.
Growing up in Shenandoah, I have not come close to a near death situation, but I can honestly say I am mostly scared for my life being on the street. Many people are on drugs and the police are total jokes.
It is a nice town however many have allowed the homes and businesses to be condemned. I'd love to see the businesses come back and make the town great again!
Shenandoah has been a great place to live. The community is very accepting and the school has always been a great place to go. I would really love to see the landscapes of the town change, the appearance of some of the buildings and streets to not represent the town correctly.
This place is downright horrible. Its full of fire trap row homes. Drug houses and crime. I would never live here again. A lot of corruption over the years here and its a shame its gotten to this point. Like Frackville surrounded by pollution machines, co gen plants. Only positive mrs ts perogies still has a base here.
It's not fancy, but if you are lower income it's a decent place to live and be able to afford. The school is close to about everything, and there are a decent amount of stores to go shopping at for food.
I currently live here and it sucks. There is nothing to do here. If you want to go anywhere you need a car. Also the amount of people who do drugs here is insanely high. There is a crazy amount of alcoholism in young people here, apparently you have to drink to be considered cool. I personally stay away from that crowd since I'm not trying to become an alcoholic by the age of 20. Aside from that if you are not doing drugs or getting wasted every weekend, you smoke. It's horrible because if you don't drive you can't get away from any of it. Don't get me wrong there are some nice people here and the schools fine but there are more bad than good. The music program offered at the high school is really good.
Lots of drugs in the area, that the police are informed about but only do something once a year if that.
After graduation I will move out of this town, there are an abundance of drug users and alcoholics. While the cost of living is low I feel that pissing a little more for peace of mind will be well worth it.
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