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I moved here from the big city. It's a nice change of scenery and everyone has proven to be kind and friendly. I would recommend this town for anyone looking for small town living with commodities.
Shenandoah has become my home for the last ten years. I love that the people here know everyone. This town flourishes in town pride and school pride. The one thing I would like to see change, it using the old-historic buildings that are empty downtown. I think the city should change them into businesses that show off the town of Shenandoah.
I have lived in Shenandoah my whole life and I have had a lot of opportunities both with school and the community. Shenandoah is a relatively safe town and there is hardly any bullying in the schools. One downside of Shenandoah is that there is not much diversity. In this town you can find moat anything you need. You have a supermarket, some gas stations, restaurants, clothing stores, and many other local businesses. The high school is very involved with the community so it would be normal if you drove through downtown and saw teenagers out painting for homecoming or finding sponsors for their extracurriculars.
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Love living in Shenandoah moved to the town 5 years ago and could not be more happy here. Town is small enough but large enough to have a Wal-Mart. Large number of parks for the kids to play at, large outdoor pool for summer fun, and Sports Plex.
Shenandoah is a town of friendly Iowans. They welcome you with a smile and treat everyone like they are a neighbor. Downtown is a stroll through the history pages as the old time pictures come to life in revitalized buildings.
At roughly 5000 people, Shenandoah is a nice place to raise children, but I would like to see more businesses come to town to provide more employment opportunities for its residents.
This place is a great place to raise a small family and not have to worry about many safety issues but there are very few jobs. The school is good because of smaller classroom sizes but there are not many places for children to hang out at and there is no community lied center for activities like a YMCA.
As a teenager I thought it was pretty boring because there isn't a whole lot for kids to do besides drive the loop. In a small town everyone pretty much knows everyone so our parents always knew what we where doing. I loved growing up here. I'm raising my child here. I would still live here in different situations. I think all the locally owned businesses are going to get to the point where they are ready to retire and there is no one to take over them so a lot will probably sell to big cooperation.
The library is the best and the only reason I'm giving Public Services five stars.
As long as you lock up everything at night and when you're not around, it should be fine.
There's some bad thunder storms around the summer season and snow storms in winter but usually it's nice.
Many of the people I know have to go out of town to find a job, and even then it's not very good.
Some restaurants are great even if some are on the pricey side, but many of them are repeats of each other. There isn't that much diversity either. There's only one Mexican restaurant and two Chinese Restaurant.
Many of the popular stores are very expensive and don't have much variety. However, the quality in the locally owned stores is better than nationwide stores, but I'd rather go to the latter rather than the former.
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