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Shenandoah Farms Reviews

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Housing prices are starting to improve
Speedy drivers are a problem
It's a quiet area and good place to raise a family
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The view from some of the spots in town is incredible, especially in the fall with the leaves turning. Tourist come through all the time since we are right beside Skyline Drive and the Luray Caverns are not far down the road. There are many little businesses that relies on the town people to keep them going. Its a quiet little growing town with good people.
The weather is bad. We are always losing the power due to storms.
Transportation is terrible. There are few buses/cabs.
Employment is ok. There are a lot of people out of work.
The food here is decent. The water here is terrible.
The health in this area is ok. There are few gyms and not too many people who use them.
The people here are somewhat nice. They are pretty much reserved.
Crime level is not too bad. It definitely be worse.
Local businesses are ok. Food tax is too high in town.
The housing here is ok. There is a mixture of different houses.
I am not a fan of this area. I would rather live in a more populated community.
The community is great---We have not had any problems so far.
The reaction time of the rescue teams here are ok.
Baseball is a big attraction here. The locals also like football.
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Overall the weather here is about what is to be expected, the last few winters have been intense though. There has been several feet of snow, ice storms that produced an inch of ice on everything, and temperatures so cold they were forced to cancel school. Even through all of that, there were very few power outages, and they only lasted a few hours.
While there are many events, such as the Wine and Craft festival, that bring in many tourists from all over the place, the main attraction is Skyline Drive. Since Front Royal is the northern entrance to Skyline Drive, many people from all over the world come to the town to view the famous park.
Really the only big issue is the lack of sidewalks in areas where there is heavy vehicle traffic. This shortcoming makes walking around the town a bit dangerous. Luckily the drivers know to watch for pedestrians, which reduces the amount of accidents considerably.
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