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The Shenandoah area is the best kept secret in Baton Rouge. Homes are affordable and it’s quieter and safer than any other area of BR. You can get a nice, large home here and the schools are awesome. It’s like its own little community with everything you need close by and everyone knows everyone. I love living here!
I am not sure about exact numbers but of course there is crime in the area. Certain areas have more crime than others but there is honestly likely to be crime anywhere. The police are not always known to handle things professionally either.
It's what you make it. There is not much to do in terms of entertainment but you learn to make your own fun. There are malls, movie theaters, great food, and good music. The education system needs improvement and so does the criminal justice system. The area is expanding though and getting lots of new attractions that make it more appealing. Overall, the experience is okay.
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If something were to happen in my neighborhood, the police will respond very quickly. There is a sheriff patrol in my neighborhood, so it is very well protected
The area that i live in is very great. The neighbors are very friendly and easy- going and its overall a safe place to live. There's a great, award- winning elementary and a nice family park in the middle of my neighborhood. My neighborhood is overall a very quiet place to live, except when kids are outside playing:)
It is average, but could definitely be improved.
Education, taxes, living qualities, population
The crime isn't to bad but could be better.
Living here would be something I would never regret because the atmosphere of the area is so tranquil
A few cars have been broken into with money taken in the past year or so, but not consistently.
Been living here since I was five and its stayed virtually the same. Lots of schools around. The gap between private education and public education in baton rouge is huge though. Public education simply cannot offer the same learning opportunities as private in this area.
There is not any riff raft in my area.
Everyone us respectful and neighborly.
I love living in Baton Rouge. There are lots of places to shop and do different activities such as shopping, eating, etc.
Although there are not many things for kids to do year round, there are amazing seasonal opportunities. Bayou country Superfest and LSU football season offer great chances to go out and have fun. This area is my home and I would not hesitate to live my life here if I had a second chance.
The governor is a great man, but he is not focused on the better of Louisiana. He is more focused on the run for president. That truly is not fair to the people of Louisiana, who constantly are having budget cuts. Both of my parents work for the state and when cuts come around they are the ones most affected. I have come to see the wrong within politicians, and I will speak up about my views. Our governor was a genuine main when elected in and as the years continue he cares for achieving higher goals but not seeing the struggle in our state. Our president pushes for law to be passed that do oppose my views, such as healthcare. I respect both these men, but I do not see them as acceptable leaders. As a citizen in Louisiana, an average female, I want this state to better and thrive. The state is not going to with an absent governor and the country will fall apart with a president who has almost destroyed relations with many countries. The representatives for state and local do try and focus on the better of the state, but it does not always happen.
Around the block from my house is a local park that is filled with playgrounds and a creek to fish in. If you travel down the road you are able to reach a huge untouched forest where you can exploring and go through some trails. The area is extremely beautiful, barely any pollutants. The most harmful pollutant in the area would be car exhaustion. The neighborhood as a whole keeps the area litter free.
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The neighborhood is extremely safe. The police officers patrol the neighborhood looking for any suspicious activity, but typically there is not any activity in the neighborhood. Thus, causing officers to patrol further areas plus patrolling they area. Shenandoah, my neighborhood, does not have an official neighborhood watch but I do know neighbors will keep an eye on others houses while they are away.
The weather is most commonly nice here. Occasionally, the area does have to face hurricanes that sweep over. Hurricane season is only for a couple moths, and depending on the category is how it will affect the community. At times we have severe thunderstorms, which can cause flooding in near by creeks or swamps. Both these disasters occur on occasion causing in to not be a constant threat.
My neighborhood is family oriented, implying that a nightlife is not a factor in this area. In some of the restaurants they do have bar and happy hour, but their is not a club scene near my neighborhood. For the club scene you would have to travel to the downtown area. The restaurants here do vary, allowing residents many options.
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