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It's a generally nice town. There's poverty and a lot of drug abuse but it's rather safe. Just don't

Don't mess with the cult.

Don't go looking for them.

Don't get in their way.

and you'll be ok.
This is a dangerous and not secure town. There is a big drug problem and it is not being fixed by the authorities.
Shelton Washington has been my home town all of my life and I love it. Although with every thing I love in life there is always a few things I would like to see changed. In my little Washington town at the end of the Puget Sound we seem to have a hard time getting the community to come together, weather it be to overcome issues or celebrate our towns history. I would enjoy seeming my community be closer and work together better. I do not mean this to only be on a commercial level, but also in the youth. I would enjoy seeing more collaborations and friendliness in schools, clubs and sports. I believe that with a little cooperation a town overall can improve dramatically in every aspect.
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I’ve lived in Shelton most my life, and it’s a nice little town but like every city, it has faults. The pros of Shelton are the sights because there are a good amount of older buildings, as well as plenty of antiques. Online you will find Sheltontonians maintaining a good amount of communication between people for trades,help,warnings, and more. The people here are quite kind once you get to know them, and if you ask for recommendations you will most likely get some. The small downside in my personal opinion is the lack of recreational activities besides hiking trails, as we have lost a bowling alley to fire and had problems with the pool at the school. The lack of affordable apartments is unfortunate, but other than that I enjoy living here.
I basically grew up in Shelton and it's not that bad if you hang out with the right crowd. You can easily get caught up in drugs and just bad decisions in Shelton. But other than that it's a nice quiet town.
I moved her September 16, 2016. I have enjoyed my time here. Shelton Nutrition and Apline Way are my most favorite places.
Homelessness, drugs, and violence is very common in Shelton. Many people face poverty and nothing is being done about it. The school districts is trying to build itself back up after years of poor educational teachers and leaders. Nowadays, the population is escalating. The positive attribute about Shelton is the location. It's approximately 30 minutes from Olympia and 40 minutes from Bremerton. One change that needs to be made is the care for local teens and a push for more high school graduates.
I like the small town atmosphere in Shelton. Most of the people are friendly. I came from a big city and have come to love the feel of a small town. I would like to see a 24 hour pharmacy in Shelton. I would like to see speed limits reduced in order to minimize the amount of animals that are killed by automobiles. I would like to see more activities on the weekend evenings targeting the young youth to keep them out of trouble. Activities they would enjoy..dances and social gatherings.
shelton is a horrible place to live. it is the least diverse place i've been in awhile. the schools are trash and the people are very rude and arrogant.
Shelton is a small town with not much happening. I would like it to be more of a city, but its to small of a town for it. I would like it to have more things to do rather than driving to the bigger city to do something fun.
The diversity in Shelton is very different than what you would see in some city's. You have people living in Shelton with different backgrounds. The diversity is very remarkable.
I grew up in Shelton, and overall I like the town. It's close knit and friendly, and people look out for each other. But more recently it seems like the town is stagnant. I wish there were more things to do around town, and more places to visit. It doesn't have to be an Olympia-level town, but it could use some liveliness.
Small town feel, but accessible to city amenities, jobs, culture. Adequate shopping and services. Affordable housing, high owner occupied ratios. Fairly friendly.
Shelton is a quiet little town. I would like to see business come into our town, as well as a complete update to our infrastructure.
The town is very homegrown. The city has an annual Christmas Parade, Oysterfest, Forest Festival, and many other community events. Compared to Olympia, Washington Shelton is very quiet.
I was born and raised there and still have a lot of relatives still there. The summers are the best as there are 7 lakes within 20 miles from town.I know the school are some of the best,the high school has an olympic size pool inside and an awesome sports program. If the rain doesn't bother you.
The Beautiful town of Shelton Washington is nestled in the Olympic National Forest, in a valley between the Olympic and Cascade Mts. The Natural Beauty of the Forest with the lush green moss, hanging heavy in the trees, to the Majestic Rock formations unearthed and scattered among the geography of the Area, is tempered by glacial fed rivers winding their many paths through it. Though this Land reveals breathtaking views around every bend, Its real beauty lays in its Humanity. People and the careful consideration of others, expressed by their care for their homeless, Parks and Recreations free campsites for People.
The small town feel is embedded into the surrounding Valley, with its Restaurants, Barber Shops, bike paths, parks, and Library are complimented by the water and Forest in which it sits. It is under this kind of inspiration I'm beginning my College experience at The Art Institute of Seattle.
I've lived here since the fall of 2009, and continued my high school education. This town is highly accommodating for those of low income with soup kitchens, food and clothing banks within walking distance. It is one of those comfortably sized towns that is great to do some small business shopping on the weekends and enjoy the community events, however night life and otherwise entertainment is nonexistant. It's well located a short drive to much larger Olympia as well as many lakes and state parks for when you need refreshing. I don't think after living here for so long I'd be able to move into a larger town for long.
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Shelton is a people run city so there are a lot of groups that the citizens run like clean shelton from the top and they organize cleaning days for groups of people to clean up the town so there is no garbage laying around. Most people are nice we just moved here so we don't know many people. There isn't much for kids to do outside of school but the schools are very safe and have a lot of after school activities called linked-up.
I like that it is a small town and you get to know most people in your neighborhood. Everyone looks out for each other.
Shelton is a quaint little town that has fun shops downtown, good food, and some interesting locals.
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