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I've never had a problem with crime in Shellsburg. The police are friendly, but rarely needed. I'm sure that they're effective when they're called. I've personally never seen anything but traffic violations in or around town. This town is very safe and I've never felt in danger.
Iowa is known for having all four seasons. Winters are very cold and summers are very hot. We have storms all the time. Thunderstorms are common during the summer, but it's hot in between. It can be humid or dry. During the winter, it gets extremely cold. There's always snow on the ground. Mid-winter, the temperature is usually around 5, and wind chill can drop the temperature to -30. Spring and autumn are beautiful, though. The temperatures are perfect and the weather is out of this world. If you live here, you have to have clothes for all weather!
There are very few places to eat out in Shellsburg. There are two bars, which attract most of the nightlife, but they are very small. Shellsburg doesn't have any fast food restaurants, so anyone that wants McDonalds or Subway is looking at a 15-20 minute drive. Most of the bars don't have very good food. There's a golf course that many people go to whenever a game is on. The food there is okay, but not always worth the price. There are no places for dancing or clubbing. Overall, there are almost no options and variety is limited to typical bar food.
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Most of the people in this town work outside it, in neighboring cities. There are a few cashier jobs, but they're almost always taken. Businesses can rarely afford to hire more people than they currently have. Farming is a major employment opportunity, and very popular in Shellsburg. Most students find jobs detasseling for small farms or for large crews run by companies like Pioneer. The surrounding area isn't as bad, so anyone willing to drive 15 minutes or so will probably be able to find a job. In Vinton, the closest town, many people work in retail or the food industry. There aren't many opportunities for advancement unless one has an education. The job outlook for Shellsburg isn't good. Most people that manage to find jobs there hold onto them, because they're so rare. They aren't very high-paying jobs, and there are almost never openings. Businesses have a hard enough time getting by in such a small town without hiring more workers. Overall, the job outlook in Shellsburg is poor.
What we have is okay, but my town has very little. There's a salon, gas station, gym, grocery store, golf course, and a few bars. They're as good as one would expect for such a small town with such little patronage. Some places do fine, but some shut down after a few years for lack of customers. Overall, very few interesting businesses in town.
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