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I love Shelley. There is a lot of nice people. There is a pool and 3 pizza places. Shelley has multiple businesses. We have 2 grocery stores. Shelley is a very beautiful place to live. It is a great place for farming.
Shelley is famous for their Spud Day. We are a small town close to Idaho Falls. We are slowly getting bigger. We have excellent schools that help the students reach their dreams.
I loved growing up in Shelley. It is a small community, the majority of it being LDS. I don't like the way the public schools handle some of their issues.
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Shelley is a small quaint town outside of Idaho Falls. It has all the basic needs covered as far as stores go. I only wish that it had a Walmart or some other big store.
It is a safe and friendly place to live. It is a good place for families. The school is small and centered around community. There aren't many job opportunities because the town is so small. I wish they were better at taking care of the roads. The potholes are ridiculously bad and they don't keep the roads cleared in the winter. Overall, I like living here and it's very affordable.
I like it here. I've been here for about 13 years now. I have great friends and it's a good, safe, careing community. Best of both worlds. Only 20 minutes from Idaho Falls.
Police are good here. Sometimes crimes happen but they try there best to fix things and do anything possible to make everything better.
I like living here but i prefer to get out more. I want to experience new thing and meet new people. It is always good to get out and do new things.
The most crime that is really seen is usually people speeding. There aren't many break ins or robberies, but there are some drug and alcohol issues in the area. I know a few people who typically don't lock their doors at night and haven't ever had a problem. It's pretty safe to allow windows to remain open at night for fresh, cool air.
I enjoy the small town and being able to know who people are. The crime rates are low, and it would be a good place to live with a young family.
I would pretty much rather live anywhere else
I love where I live. I have lived here for 20 years and I want to raise my own family here someday. The people who live here are wonderful and are willing to help everyone out in case of emergency. Local businesses have been able to stay in business because of all the support from our little community. When I have gone on vacation I didnt realize how much I would miss our little town. We are also growing very fast. Just within the last couple of months we have grown as a community. Instead of being just a one stoplight town we are now a two stoplight town. We were able to build a new building for our fire department and also a pizza hut. I dont think I could pick a bettet place to live!
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