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The Town is very boring and as soon as the town gets something interesting it closes after a few months. The schools are pretty good on the other hand. The theatre program is amazing. I think it is a good family town but awful if you are a teenager or young adult.
Pleased moving here. The policemen are nice and friendly and we feel safe within the community which is important. Plenty of fun activities for children and families. Indoor and outdoor pool memberships which can also be obtained based off income so its inclusive. The park in town is just a big fun great park for children and families.
Sheldon puts families first which is very important. I wish we knew something was being done about any possible drug trafficking going on or suspicious behaviors of some people but again the law enforcement seems trustworthy to take care of that. The schools have good ratings here. There are many different quick bites . many different religious churches to choose from based off your beliefs which is so nice.
Alot of resources for people and families of all walks and needs in life.
It’s a small town in Iowa. Not much I the way of restaurants, but the people are friendly. Summertime is warm and winters are cold.
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Sheldon is a nice, safe town. There are many wonderful, kind people who live there. The community is mostly warm and inviting. However, I do find that many people tend to be very conservative and close-minded, which causes a lot of social issues in town. Unfortunately, I really don't think there's anything that can be done to change this because people here are extremely traditional and are not willing to change.
I would like to see more opportunities in Sheldon for new business. The schools needs to be more focused on. There needs to be focus on cultural awareness in the community.
Very conservative area, where people are not open to change.
There's nothing to do for teens. Nothing new opens up or stays open. We don't support local businesses. People are friendly. There's a lot of corn. No nature things to do besides go on like a 5 mile bike trail.
We can really only get around by car or bike/walk on the bike trail which doesn't lead everywhere.
We have all four seasons pretty heavy. We occasionally get tornados around us but never in our town. We have a lot of drought lately even though it rains.
We don't have many options. We either have Mexican or fast food.
Our town doesn't have many options when it comes to types of jobs.
Local businesses are great but our town is awful at supporting them.
not very busy so good
easy to find a job
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