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It is a growing community with plenty of potential. Its residents are kind and helpful. I can see it thriving in the future.
Everyone is friendly, great costumer service. However, there are too many stray pets. I have noticed that owners will let their pets roam free and then they end up having babies that live In the streets.
Not a lot happens in this neighborhood, crime is moderate very great schools around. It would be better if there were more parks near the homes and more shopping options.
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I like that everyone is very friendly in this neighborhood. I also like that it is pretty safe around here and there are always cops going around patrolling the areas.
Neighborhood is really nice, people are great. What I would like to see changed might be the safety of it, some people have gotten their cars broken into and they’ve gotten things stolen.
Good small community. Lots of shopping centers and restaurants in a 10-minute radius. Been living here for over 10 years and it's a nice up and coming community.
Sheldon is very shady when it comes to the neighborhoods.Most people here seem to have some criminal record or are current drug addicts.My neighborhood has several guys who walk around aimlessly at anytime of day or sit under a bridge staring at the floor.The stores around it are just as bad.It is known to be robbed once every two weeks and keeps having to replace staff who had to quit for their own safety.Recently there was an accident where a man died at a dennis from a fight simply because he thought someone across the room insulted him, when in reality, was just a guy joking with his girlfriend.
It's a place that needs improvement and up keeping since this area is pretty old.
The area does have crime as in there are break-ins to cars and houses.
It's an suburban place that has pretty decent people, but too many chemical plants and oil-pipe businesses.
Close by and has what you look for.
Normally alot of refiners and lil shops
wing stop and sport bars are mostly popular in the area
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