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It's a smaller town than you would think. It has a bunch of nice people and we host a fun Christmas get together, we have a tree lighting and everything. At one point we were voted for the most Hallmark-like town in America.
Shelbyville is a very small town in shelby county. It is a town that doesnt have alot of activities to do. It doesn't have a lot of job opportunities or a lot of business around. The police aren't out a lot from what I see. I think in shelbyville for where it could be a better place is if we open up more buildings and sell property and have more events for the community to do. I think the schools should be more engaged and host events for students. I think if we have more opportunities it will attract more people.
Safe small town, I'm glad I was raised here. Diverse population, long history, and good community. Education is average, and most people work in larger cities, such as Louisville.
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I love how the town is somewhat small and intimate. Everyone knows each other, A great community. On top the that, Shelbyville is in the middle of Louisville and Lexington, making it easy to go out of town for a day and your never far from home.
Since we've moved here we have been doing much better there are amazing jobs and tons of friendly people, however you have to watch the traffic at lights or you'll get hit due to people running that last second yellow light.
This is a nice little town not too far from the largest major city in Kentucky. Housing is not as affordable as it should be as the largest industries in the area are retail and factory work.
Awesome small town. Loved growing up there and still love visiting. Nice community and located in between Louisville and Lexington so its close to big cities, without big city traffic or prices.
Shelbyville is a very small, quiet, and friendly town. Theres not a ton of big things to do around, but the people and the environment make up everything here. Everybody knows one another and works together.
Love it. Was born and raised here, now currently raising my children here also. this city is growing by leaps and bounds. Has numerous job opportunities. Would reccommend this town to anyone that is looking for a place to settle down and raise a family.
Very small town where you can go to the grocery store and see someone you know. May be a good or bad thing; you know a lot of people but that also means a lot of people know you and may know you're business. Usually a nice quiet town though.
I've lived here from 2014 to 2018 and the life here is alright. Schools are decent, mainly with sports. The food options are nice, but a lot of overweight citizens. The entertainment is small but nice with a movie cinema and theatre shows at both high schools and local theatre. Living here is nice if you know people here, if not then it's mostly boring.
Shelbyville is a wonderful small town feeling, a great place to raise your family and get involved in extra curricular activities. However it is a family-type of town, so there is not much night life, or healthy eating.
Shelbyville is centrally located between 2 big cities, Louisville and Lexington, and 30 miles from the capital city, Frankfort, yet it still has a small hometown feeling to it. Free street concerts on certain Saturdays during the summer, horse shows, car shows and a great 2 times a week farmers market.
Small town, big enough to support another grocery but there isn't one here. Town needs more stores of all types, especially restaurants to provide variety and competition.
Moved here in August from North Eastern Michigan. Obviously its not the same and i miss home but out of all the places we could have moved, its ok.
I like that I live in a small town, but I would like to see more things for teenagers to do here. If we want to do something we have to go to Louisville or Lexington. Which if you're a teen and your parents don't want you to go out of town, then you're stuck with the community park or go to the movies (which is lots of money). I wish that we had a teen club for like 16-19 year olds that had music and food and drinks. Or a skating rink. I feel that my family is well known here and that helps me to feel more comfortable with my surroundings and all my close friends live here. It's not that far of a drive to go see my extended family members that live in Louisville. I feel that living in a small town cuts down on the criminal element that the larger cities have. Which is great because I wouldn't want to live in a town that has lots of crime.
I really don't have much to say about shelbyville. It's a town where everyone knows everyone and everyone thinks they know your business.
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I have lived here for about 2 years now and it is a wonderful town. It has everything you need bundled up in a nice quiet little package, shops, restaurants, chain stores, movies and is conveniently located 20 min from Louisville. Great place to live and get a real bang for your buck,
It's a very quaint small town near larger cities in Kentucky. Family friendly, small town field but enough to keep you busy. Would like to see more locally owned businesses and restaurants in general.
This is a nice city. People are very nice and courteous. The weather is excellent; 4 seasons; Summer is awesome! Winter is mild but still gets snow. There is not much to do; you have to travel to Lexington, Louisville, or Cincinnati to do anything.
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