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This is a small town. It has pretty much everything you need, but there's not much diversity. On the up side, it is in central Indiana which puts Shelbyville a short drive to the capital.
Shelbyville is a nice town, but I feel as if it has an abundance of wasted space. There are many locations in Shelby County that could be transformed into purposeful locations that give back to the community.
Shelbyville has a brand new hospital with a great Critical Care Unit. There are lots of restaurants available. The movie theater is very nice. There are lots of shopping opportunities. There are lots of job opportunities available.
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There are way too many drug problems and not enough people concerned about the youth. There is nothing to do for entertainment and nothing to keep young people out of trouble. The lack of professionalism in the workforce is very prevalent.
I like that Shelbyville is affordable living area, I dislike how there is nothing to do for activities and I dislike the food choices in the county. Needs to have a better verity of food selections.
Shelbyville, Indiana is relatively safe, despite the occasional drug bust or the very rare violence, and generally walking around town or driving through will not terrify anyone. It is a pretty inexpensive town to live in compared to others in the state and in the United States - Indiana has low costs of living. The academic environments are improving with the integration of technology into the curriculum and the increasing number of available courses. The nightlife is particularly poor; the only available nightlife in the town consists of crummy bars. Mostly white Christians live in this area. Currently minimum wage employers are increasing their starting rate because they need employees so badly.
Shelbyville is a small town in Indiana with not much entertainment or things to do. However, the school system is alright and sports are a big thing here. Lots of work opportunities here too.
I have lived her for 2 years. It is quiet but has a wonderful family atmosphere and seems to be growing. We opened a new hospital geared toward customer service this year. It has great potential for growth and many job opportunities for people in the area. We are close enough to enjoy Indianapolis & Greenwood but still far enough away to get a small town feel.
I like how there's always fun activities or events to go to especially during the holidays because they really go out of their way to make it entertaining. What I would like to see changing is the diversity, there's not many people here who had different cultures, and when there is the Americans here tend to judge and not be very respectful, so I hope that in the near future people in this town will get along and realize that we are all humans and that we should learn how to love others rather than spreading unnecessary hate.
I love the fact that we are a small kind of town but large enough to live our own lives. We all care about each other. I also like that we have many big name stores but we still have some of those small mom & pop kind of places as well. One thing I would like to see changes though is that all of our doctors are associated with our hospital. Some folks may like that but I personally do not. I feel we need more unassociated doctors.
The school district is nice, and there are several job opportunities for high school students. However, there is not a lot of places for teens to go to hang out. The parks are not very good, and every activity place we have had gets closed down. Shopping is limited. It is an overall safe town though.
I would like to see more diversity. The community should work together more. I would like to see local shops flourish instead of be replaced every six months. I think the school systems have improved drastically throughout the years.
I love where I am from! I was born and raised in this small town and I wouldn't have it any other way! I went to a small county school and enjoyed the close knit feeling! I love Shelbyville's small downtown circle and all the great shops especially Lemon Lane Boutique and Linne's Bakery! I also love getting up early on Saturday mornings in the Summer and going to the farmer's market in the circle! Love this town!
Up coming little town .They started first friday last yr and always have a lot of family fun and entertainment ..opening a new brewery this fall .Opened a new casino 7 yrs ago.built a new park with water park in free to families .Great place to have grown up in and raise my children
Shelbyville is a growing area. Many businesses are blossoming up and as a result, the diversity is growing as well. I believe that this is due to the amount of land available and the Indiana Grand Casino as an attraction. Unfortunately, drugs are a growing problem in this area, mainly methamphetamine and heroin and that seems to be the main focus of the Shelbyville Police Department. Overall, it is a small town with the potential to become a place of economic growth and prosperity. There is a lot of work to be done but I believe it is headed in the right direction.
recently many residential home owners cars have gotten broken into and when asking the police if they would like to dust for prints they just ignore the question.
i personally found the questions to be a bit vague
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I would not want to live here my entire life.
My home has been broken into twice, I've had my bike stolen along with other things. The crime in this town is very unsettling.
The town I reside in just happens to be very average.
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