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I like that Shelbyville is a small town. There are many homes here that are on several acres of land. The country life is good, people are decent, and crime is low.
Shelbyville is a great family-friendly town. There are many job opportunities and the living costs are low.
Lived and worked there years ago. Kinda like living in a graveyard. Backwards. Isolated. Downright depressing at times.
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Needs more things to do on the weekends... more restaurants. Maybe a small mall somewhere... it's a really small town that seems to continue to grow rapidly in population. It is a little diverse but not a whole lot overall I'd give the whole town a rating 6 on a 1-10 scale
The city I line in is the walking horse capital. We have horse shows every summer and the food is amazing.
I love Shelbyville! Shelbyville is very intimate, but there are many great restaurants and people around.
Shelbyville is a small town but with great people throughout the community. The town might be small but in my perspective very united with one another. It has a very friendly environment where everyone is constantly helping each other depending on the case. Our community is always going out there way supporting us, such as in schools. For example, for the most part local businesses are willing to sponsor our sports in our schools giving us a hand with raising money.
Worst town I've ever been to or seen. Literally a nightmare. Avoid this place period. Extremely unfriendly and not welcoming atmosphere.
Small, quiet, friendly town. Country feeling town, new shopping areas and subdivision. Everything is within a short driving distance. Taxes and other county thing much cheaper compared to Nashville, Tn.
Shelbyville is a wonderful family friendly town. I love it here.
My family moved from Illinois 2 years ago. We do not regret our decision.

Schools could be better with parents help. Parents need to get involved a lot more.
I love shelbyville. It’s just a small town. Not much to do but it has beautiful surrounding land! I’ve been here my whole life!
Shelbyville is a small, charming town full of people who are ready to help anyone in need. When a tragic event happens, everyone comes together to support one another. This town is full of thriving businesses, but there is a great opportunity to add additional social services to assist residents who are in need.
Shelbyville is a small town, it has the small town feeling. However it is only 25 minutes from Murfreesboro and 90 minutes from Nashville and Chattanooga where you can enjoy the city and not having to deal with the hassles of living in a city.
Shelbyville is a nice community. Everyone knows everybody and helps each other anyway they can. It is also called the Walking Horse Capital and Pencil and Pen State .
I really enjoy that shelbyville, TN is still concerned small town living. Its a good place to rasie a family not to big. The one thing i would change is have better school systems . I feel they should have more challenging class as they should have like tech school class for the kid that are just planning in going straight into the workforce.
It's quiet and we never get tornados. If like to see more things to do and diversity. I would also like to see more effort and money go into the school systems.
Shelbyville is a very small town but it's a great town to live in and it's a great family place to raise your kids.
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Horses are a huge deal in this county, along with Tyson. I would like to see more nightlife available in this city, along with more job opportunities.
Shelbyville is a small town in Tn known for the Horse Show. Something I'd like to see change would be restaurants. There's the same restaurants, there's 3 steak houses, and 2 chicken places almost right next to each other. Id like to see a Red Lobster and Olive Garden be able to be built one day. It would be nice not to have to drive 30 to 40 minutes to Murfreesboro and deal with that awful traffic.
Shelbyville, Tennessee is a very small town. I have lived here since I was 3 years old, and I can truly say I have enjoyed every minute. I love that mostly everyone is caring and friendly. the only bad part about it being a small town is that it is somewhat boring. there is very little to do here, especially at night. there is bowling and a movie theatre. Although there isn't much here, we are only 30 minutes away from 2 busier towns. I would recommend living here to anyone looking for peace and quiet (most of the time).
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