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In Shelby, there are not a lot of places to shop and all you really have is churches and farmland with schools and a football field.
Growing up in Shelby was nice. My parents moved her when I was very young so its always been home. The people are nice. And I have some great friends! They have a lot of activities and events. My favorite being the Polar Express, just before Christmas the whole town is decorated. The train arrives with Santa, downtown businesses have activities for the kids. There is food and of course hot chocolate! And then there is a storyteller where eveyone gathers to hear a favorite Christmas story in central park.
Shelby has a really nice community, but it's not really diverse. The schools are great and they often have foreign exchange students, but that's about as diverse as it gets.
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There is great atmosphere in the city of Shelby. It has a small town, homey feeling, but it is not far from the more metropolitan town of Mansfield where you have your choice of restaurants and shopping. The city pool, complete with curly slide, is a great place to go in the summer and can be rented out for parties and gatherings. Seltzer Park is a great place to take the kids with a wooden playscape that was built by the community. Additional parks all over town have other playgrounds for children to play on. Some iconic restaurants around town include Paul's Drive-In which is open February to November and has your choice of fried foods and the best ice cream around. Napoli's pizza offers a great pizzeria style pizza for a decent price. The Vault Wine Bar is a one-of-a-kind restaurant which is a remodeled bank. The wine is stored in the banks old vault, so the look of this concept is stunning.
Small quiet town feel with local hotspots known only to the residents that are favorites to keep you busy.
Very small town and very local. Easy to get to places you can even walk and most people are friendly.
Shelby has a small town feel without being too far from major amenities. Great area, great people, and great character!
The reaction times of police and firemen are pretty good. They respond really fast and take care of what needs to be taking care of to save a life. The local law is enforced pretty well in this area as well.
The police are always on the lookout for suspicious activity that happens in our town such as, drug abuse, robbery, and so on. There is defiantly a neighborhood watch in my community we are always watching out for each other.
We have a river that goes through the middle of our town, and if it rains a lot or we have a lot of snow that melts causing the water to rise the town floods. Destroying our football field, businesses and homes near the river. The season are not that bad in this area.
We have the tuby that makes steel. They hire a lot of people in there to help work, and it is the top company for employment at this time. The overall job outlook for this area is not very good. There are jobs here, but not enough pay is being gave to the workers. Some of the company workers are very rude to their employees.
Restaurants are McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell and a legends which is a bar and restaurant where many people go to sit down and eat.
The local businesses in this area are convenient when you need to get something fast, but if you would like something more that is not small you have to go else where. This may include clothing, furniture, or handy tools you have to adventure to the bigger city 15 minutes away.
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