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Its a nice area but there is not much to do.
The Public services are great and can't say I have a reason to complain. They have all been up to my standards any time I've used them.
There didn't use to be much crime but it seems to be on the rise. Although there may be more now, I feel very safe here and it isn't a big problem.
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If your looking for a place to live that has all four seasons than you have hit the jackpot. Winters get cold and lots of snow. Spring is usually rainy but around mid 50's and feels great once you get tired of the cold. Summer gets hot especially in August but it's very sunny and you can do a lot when it's nice out. Fall is cool, not to hot and not to cold. with all seasons the area provides activities to do around the community.
There are many job opportunities in La Crosse. whether you are looking for a side job or a permanent job there are endless options around here.
With La Crosse holding the record for most bars on one street, obviously alcohol heavily consumed beverage in this city. along with that, the local bars have awesome food. If a bar isn't so much what you like there are also other restaurants that have a wide variety of food and drink. A popular breakfast spot is Rosie's Café, a little restaurant that supplies you with the best pot of coffee you can find in the area after a crazy night.
La Crosse is a great place to grow up in. you have everything you need right where you live. All of your hardware stores, sporting good stores, malls, etc. are all on the north side. Then you have downtown where you can find many mom-and-pop shops. Also there are literally over one hundred bars downtown giving you somewhere new to hangout or eat with your friends. not to mention the bluffs on one side of La Crosse and the river on the other making the city a beautiful place. you can find big company stores but there are also those locally owned businesses that make the community close.
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