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I have lived in Shelby my whole life and I love it. The community is small but great. We have lots of opportunities and a very family friendly environment. If I had to change anything, I would increase the size of our city. It would be nice to have more restaurants and things to do.
Shelby is a place of quiet living but doesn't really offer too much for activities to do as a teenager, you would have to travel all the way to Gastonia in order to have fun like bowling and laser tag but in some cases me and my family travels to Gafney South Carolina where the big e is located just to go bowling.
I love Shelby. I live about 4 miles outside of town, and every time I am bored I go into town. The traffic can be awful during rush hour. Uptown is usually very lively. I feel very safe because of the police presence. I could see someone having a life there.
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Shelby has always been the worst part of my drive home. The traffic patterns are so bad that no one can get through it without stop and go traffic. Restaurants are trash. people are aggressive and angry here. Please build a bypass so I no longer have to go through this trash place.
I love the small city and town of Shelby, North Carolina. I have lived here my whole life and I have enjoyed every bit of it. Shelby is very lively and full of people. Shelby is home of the Baseball American Legion World Series every Fall! Some things I would like to be changed in Shelby to better it, would be to have a better mall, with more stores with bigger varieties of shopping. I would also like to have more sit- down restaurants to eat at in Shelby. The people in Shelby are amazing. Majority of my friends and family live in Shelby. I love where I live!
Love the small area and the family orientation. The all inclusive community make it comfortable for families of all incomes to blend together.
Shelby is a great small southern town, however it has diversity food or believe wise, and is generally just "meh." If you are looking for a small community oriented town then Shelby is the right place, but if you are looking for anything that branches out and has culture then Shelby is not the place. there is one Chinese restaurant and thats it besides regular restaurants.
Shelby is pretty nice as far as places to eat and thrift shop along with other small town qualities.
Like everything about Shelby NC.. they have things to do. Like going to the mall walking around. Going to Shelby city park. They have upgraded to a better park here in Shelby NC. They are good places to eat at. And they are a few other things that goes on in Shelby NC!
Shelby is the perfect city for those who are looking for the ideal country city. A town with friendly people that are accurate representation of the term 'southern hospitality'. A city that is filled with historic importance and artifacts! Best BBQ in the country! Great place to raise children and to retire!
This town is steeped in history. The majority of residents have family roots that goes back generations. This is a positive in that the area is laid back and generally low in crime; however, it also struggles with making changes that welcome in out of towners or companies looking to relocate.
Shelby is a place that gives you the small town feel with all the conveniences of living in a large town. The area if full of local history and makes it interesting to see what good things and people have come out of our town and county. There are also ample opportunities to serve the community while enjoying a diversity of activities with family and friends - such as the American Legion World Series, local museums honoring people and traditions (Earl Scruggs, music, baseball).
The small town of Shelby is located between Ashville and Charlotte is very welcoming and laid back. The town is very small and has many home style restaurants including Shelby Cafe in town. The town of Shelby is home to a famous theater named after Don Gibson and holds many different types of events.
I loved the atmosphere that is in Shelby. Since it is in the countryside, there is plenty of fresh air and a lot more stars than what you would see in the cities. The people are friendly and polite in this little town. The schools are pretty good with some of the best new gadgets and technology. The roads are looking great. There has been more and more construction in this area so that means this town is expanding and getting bigger. There isn't much that I would like to see changed. Maybe give this town a factory and business and the population would be booming.
I was born in this boring, overly religious conservative small town. There's not much diversity of culture or arts. The culture is obsessed like sports like football, which I don't like at all. This isn't the place for me as someone in their twenties who prefers more variety of experiences and activities offered in places like what's offered in Charlotte, NYC, Miami, and beyond. I like the friendliness and true southern hospitality mindset. I love the lower cost of living compared to, say, Charlotte, NC. The average cost of a house here is somewhere between $115,000-$124,000. There's Moss Lake. Rent tends to be cheaper for a one bedroom. I like the fact that Cleveland County Schools always needs substitute teachers, which is what I do now. But I'll soon be going back to college away from here. Overall, I don't like certain aspects of the historic culture in this small town and some people's mentality.
Shelby is a large town. It has a cute uptown area. There are a lot of local businesses in uptown Shelby. You can walk around the square and shop and dine. Festivals are help in the square like Alive After Five or the Liver Mush festival. On Saturday mornings the Farmers Market is open. A lot of people from Boiling Springs work and hang out in Shelby, since the two towns are about fifteen minutes a part. The night life isn't that great, so if your looking to go bar hopping think again. Shelby is better for a family that is just starting out. Over all Shelby is cute and quiet town.
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It could be safer and have more exciting places to go. Maybe turn the mall into something more exciting. Ans instead pf building new places just use the old buildings and renivate them and make them something exciting. Overall, its a nice town.
Overall peaceful place. Not much of a night life and very little job opportunity. Nice local restaurants but no clubs. Great place for retired people. Only an hour drive to Charlotte, North Carolina. Just
30 mins away from South Carolina border. Crime rate is average. Schools are ok. The biggest problem is the lack of jobs in the area. There is the possibility of getting a casino in the kings mountain area in the near future with the potential to create a lot of opportunities.
It has friendly, kind people and a downtown layout to die for. HOWEVER, it needs industry desperately to bring in business, especially good restaurants, pubs, etc. The sidewalks roll up about 10, even on weekend. It has a potential to be an amazing town and businesses should see the endless opportunity.
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