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Shelby Charter Township Reviews

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Shelby Twp is a great place to live and raise a family. Nearby parks, great schools, wonderful people and nearby shopping, resaurants and jobs.
Shelby Charter Township is a lovely small little township where everyone knows everyone. It is a very peaceful township where usually nothing happens.
Aside from consistently heavy traffic, Shelby Township is a safe community with steady property values and plenty of dining. The traffic can be a bit tiresome, though. Also, it's quite far from central career hubs like Southfield, Royal Oak and Detroit, so you're likely going to be commuting a bit far.
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Very nice neighborhood. Mix between Starter-homes and established families. As the years pass, Shelby Township becomes more and more diverse.
A wonderful community full of wholesome people. I have lived here for 12 years now and I would not want to live anywhere else.
After 17 years, we recently moved away from Shelby Township. It used to be a terrific place to live with great schools and no crime -- but not anymore. Today it seems there is a new hookah bar on every block, a CVS or Rite Aid on every corner, and crazy traffic everywhere because the roads we not built to sustain 75,000 people. Add to this that the Township's police and fire retirement funding is a MESS, the police are only in a hurry when they need to turn on their sirens to run a red light, and the public schools are severely underfunded because of the recent change in student dynamics. We lived in a nice community of 3000+ square foot homes... and I imagine half of the homes there had been burglarized in the last 5 years, and we had a hard time finding anyone who wanted to buy a large house when we moved. Young couples do not want to live in Shelby! Did I mentioned the crooked politicians there? There is a reason that they are all being indicted and investigated by the FBI!
Shelby Township is a nice suburban area outside of Detroit. I feel safe in this area and feel as though there are many exciting updates and improvements in the near future. I would like something more to do as far as extracurricular or adventurous activities. Overall happy to live here.
It is awesome to live here. The environment is super spectacular. I am literally just trying to get to one hundred words here but honestly it is a great place to live. It is a safe environment and the people here are very nice and friendly.
it's a great community with great schools. i love being close to everything. alittle drive and your in the country.many activities for families too.
Homey atmosphere with a lot to do. You can never be bored in Shelby Township. Very good shopping districts and many amazing places to eat.Great place to raise a family. There are trees everywhere you look and almost every house has a nice yard.
I live there all of my life live in same house for 21 year I went to all Utica community school Eisenhower high school class of 2001 now I live in Westland Michigan nothing better than Shelby twp
Shelby Charter Township is a really nice suburb of Detroit. It is fairly close to two major malls. There is also a metro park located close by. The people are friendly and peaceful.
I’ve lived in Shelby township for 3 years now and I love it. Everything is so close and I love being in a community that has good neighbors!
Shelby is a very peaceful and quiet area. It is very safe and family friendly. The schools are very good and there is little traffic.
I have lived, worked and went to school in Shelby Township. The area is a safe and business friendly environment. Outside of the many businesses, there are many suburbs and subdivisions that the members of the community live, thrive and learn in. The school systems have the most devoted and energetic teachers that strive to make sure that all students that come into their classroom receive and education that fits their needs and goals. The Shelby Township Police department is filled with officers and staff that care greatly about the city and will do the necessary things in order to keep Shelby Township safe, clean and a good place to live and work.
I thoroughly enjoy this community. Most of the people are very friendly and active within the township. There is a lack of stores, diversity, and things to do. However, the scenery is beautiful and there are a lot of parks in Shelby. Overall, it is a very family-friendly environment.
The community is pretty pet-friendly. Most households do have pets. There is an annual art fair and there are many community classes offered by Utica Community Schools.
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Overall, our city does not experience many crimes very often. Unfortunately, there was a recent robbery at gunpoint in the 7-11 on Shelby Rd. and 24 Mile. That was probably the only crime I've heard of in Shelby Township for the past year.
Kind of boring since we don't have many malls or movie theaters very close to this area. But Stoney Creek is a beautiful park to spend time in hiking, biking, boating, sunbathing, and swimming. It's a pretty safe area. I would live here again when settling down later in life. People seem to be friendly. We are considered the upper-middle class, and this city is mostly Republican.
I don't hear about too much crime.
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