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Shelburne was the best place to grow up - very safe, friendly small town vibe. It is a 10 minute drive to Burlington, right on the lake and has a cute central area with small local shops and restaurants. Shelburne Farms is a must see.
Shelburne is a small, cozy town with a grocery store, a coffee shop and a few restaurants. There's really just one road going through it, north to south. When traffic is bad, it's kind of a pain, but most of the time it's fine. It's on Lake Champlain, which is beautiful. A lot of farmland.
I grew up in Shelburne and believe it is a wonderful place to raise children. It is extremely family friendly and a very welcoming town.
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It is great place to live with natural resources . I believe you will not be against the place Shelburne when you plan to visit.
Housing is available, but toward the expensive side.
There are always events for families to congregate and enjoy each other.
I have never felt unsafe in my town, even running at night.
Shelburne was the best place I could've possibly grown up in.
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