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There are drug busts on a consistent basis and the police pull over the people who do not deserve it.
There is not very much business local or chains. The parks are dirty and not clean. The lake is not swimmable in some places.The people are rude very often.
The reaction time of the police/fire station could be a lot better. Sometimes when the security alarm goes off at the high school it takes the police about twenty minutes to arrive even though the station is five minutes away.
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There are not a lot of jobs in the county. In the majority of the towns in the county there are very few jobs and the few jobs there are aren't always hiring. Everyone all over the county are having difficulties finding jobs.
The weather in my area never pleases anyone. It is always either too cold or too hot. There is a lot of lake-effect snow which makes the weather seem even worse.
There aren't really a lot of restaurants in my community. In the small town that I live in, there aren't even many restaurants. Most people have to leave the town to go to a nice restaurant.
There aren't that many businesses in the area. Not many big name companies or mom-and-pop shops. I live in a poor county and there isn't a lot money to spend on making or building new businesses.
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