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Small community by the lake working for an even better tomorrow. Schools are great. Parks are really nice. Many local activities like the Easter egg hunt held this Saturday the 13th. Also a Christmas event open to the community and their families with just a donation of a canned good.
I love this neighborhood, it's very friendly and safe. However, if I could change a few things, I would. For one, I would add sidewalks everywhere so kids, pedestrians, dogs, etc. don't have to walk on the road; also bike lanes, so that it's easier to get around without driving and polluting the air, since there are many stores that I visit that are within walking distance. Secondly, I would update and add to the parks that we have. Thirdly, I would like to see some of the roads improved.
Born and raised in this little city, never had any problems regarding safety. Not much to do as adult, but as a child it was great growing up. Always had woods and streets to play in and could ride a bike to a friends house. It is very family friendly, and a community who cares a lot about their children and safety.
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Sheffield Lake is run by a police force that thinks they own you. However the neighbors, and the city works are very kind and understanding. Rent is a bit on the expensive side, but that could be anywhere.
A very small town that has slowly been introducing more businesses and expanding its reach. Quiet and no much hustle and bustle going on except in July when we have a Community Days Fair which brings a lot of people around for an entire week from surrounding towns.
I grew up in Sheffield my entire life. The school system is alright, the teachers are great the funding just isn't there. I would like the city to clean up a bit. There are parts (like most communities) that just aren't pretty.
Sheffield Lake feels safe and a good neighborhood to raise kids. It has many parks and walkways. A grocery store. Close to Lake Erie, beautiful scenery.
Sheffield is a good little town. If you go for a walk it is certain you'll see someone you know. With every town, there are cons but they are minor and worth it. The grocery store is in walking distance which is also very convenient. The town is a work in progress to greatness.
I have lived in Sheffield Lake for most of my life. It has been a great experience for me overall. I enjoy a lot of peace and quiet, and it offers this and more. I feel extremely safe, and people are really friendly. There are small shopping stores that will help you get all of the basic needs. There is always someone that is willing to help you find whatever you need.
Problems tend to be solved in a very timely and responsible Manner. I have not had any problems with the department or its officers. They want everyone to be safe.
I really love how gorgeous yet small and quiet the community is. Everyone knows each other, and everyone comes together in the time of need.
Drugs are a big problem here.
There is nothing to do here. The kids are either preppy and going to Kent, or getting into drugs and trouble.
People in this community are very close. We feel like a family for sure. You can't go to grocery store because a five minute trip will become 15 minutes because you will have to stop to talk to so many people
Crime is everywhere, and there is no avoiding it completely. However, Sheffield Lake is a safe place to live. My grandparents don't even lock their car doors at night because the area is so safe. If someone wanted to leave their house for hours there is a good chance they would not lock the door to their house. This may seem crazy, but we know our community. No one is going to break in, we don't steal from each other. There are cases were someone will steal from the stores or gas stations.
My town is very lovely and quite. Everyone knows everyone and it truly feels like we are all family. Also, We all live close to beautiful Lake Erie which is as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer. The school system is fairly good and the teachers at the school genuinely care about the students. If one talks to any teacher at Brookside Highshool it will be obvious that they care more about the student's futures more than their paychecks. Sheffield Lake is perfect for anyone who wants to feel close to the community.
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