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I consider Sheffield my second "home town"...friendly neighbors, still have best friends from there..a great downtown revival going on due to a the great Mayor Ian Sanford. My kids attended L.E. Wilson, a great school. This town has and will always have my heart
Avoid this town. Most of the businesses that are listed have been shut down and the city council/govt is bleeding land owners dry with city ordinances trying to force revenue from town. Go to Florence on the other side of the river to spend your money.
Well I was recently down in sheffeild two weeks ago. I love it. I currently live in Detroit Michigan. The zip code that I live in is considered the most dangerous area of Detroit.

While I was their I meet such nice people. I meet an older gentleman who's exact words were just come on down. Bring the whole family.

I look forward to moving. I've spoke with the police department their. I've spoke with small business owners. I've never been anywhere we're I've felt so safe that I didn't feel the need to carry a gun. That's the level of safe I felt while on my short vist. I can't wait to move and be a member of this community.
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It is affordable and close in location to the University of North Alabama where I will be attending college.
There are a lot of opportunities for the citizens of Sheffield. There have been many positive changes in the school system. Students are being offered programs that will help them graduate with a certificate and ready to find a job. Teachers care about their students and are building up their students character. The town of Sheffield has been making positive changes and bringing in many different small stores of many varieties. The parks are being kept up for the smaller children to play in.
Sheffield, Alabama is a town in Northern Alabama and part of the area known locally as " The Shoals". As the "Center of the Shoals" the Sheffield area offers a wide variety of outdoor activities including the Tennessee River, TVA Wilson Dam and various other historically significant venues. The overall Real Estate market is very good in Sheffield compared to the surrounding areas. One can purchase much more home for the dollar in Sheffield, as opposed to neighboring Florence or Muscle Shoals. Overall, I would recommend Sheffield for anyone looking to relocate in Northern Alabama.
Sheffield itself is a fairly poor town. Most of its resident are subjected to mild forms of poverty. There are richer parts of the town though. The downtown area is a great place to go on a weekend, but needs more restaurants and shops. The Sheffield City School system is a good school system. The cities that surround Sheffield give it a great look that it might not have on its own.
There is low crime rate in my neighborhood due to good policemen that watch the neighborhood.
Irs a great area with friendly people.
police are pretty regular to patrol the area. crime minimal.
safe place to be with nice neighbors. quiet area.
I love this area, and the peolple are nice, and the area is full of history
Being new to the the neighborhood will yield low responses, not many people are friendly. It is mostly Caucasian dominated, no diversity.
The quality of house is pretty good, most houses are 3 bedrooms. Utilities are exceptionally high if you have central air & heating.
There aren't many local businesses, there is really no variety of stores.
Most everyone works at the same factories, fast food chains & schools. There are really no new jobs and most people work long hours just to support their family.
Has the average fast food restaurants like Mcdonald's and Subway. There is not much variety. There a few local restaurants but only a select few, regulars attend there.
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All types of housing co-exist. You may have a million dollar home one block from an $80,000 home, which is only 2-3 blocks from low-income project housing. There are no true subdivisions. And there is no real best/worst area to live, dependent, honestly, on your race, as the neighborhoods are, for the most part, still primarily divided according to race, with a few exceptions. However, there is no animosity and no racial barriers within the town. It's just where everyone grew up.

Utilities are horribly high. No matter how much my family tries to conserve, we never know what to expect on the utility bill. Our town "buys" its electricity from the surrounding cities, so we have the highest rates in the area.

There are multiple abandoned buildings that could really be something cool, like they have become in the surrounding towns. But the older generations seem to continue to hold onto to them until they fall apart and make the city look run-down. It is sad how much can be done that they won't allow.
Everything is fried. The best wings restaurant have fried oreos for dessert, the best restaurants have fried egg on the burger. The most crowded lunch locations are plate lunches with pick your own meat with 3 veggies for around $5.99, and most of the veggies are home-style items, like fried green tomatoes, cream style corn, mashed potatoes with gravy, fried okra, pineapple casserole and more.
Our town, Sheffield, is part of a Shoals area, comprised of four small cities. Our town has no major companies, and is filled strictly with local shops, mom-and-pop variety stores, flower shops, hardware stores, etc., who have either been around for years with repeat customers, or new local restaurants or variety shops that last a few months at a time.

The only locations that last have truly lasted any length of time and prospered in the town of Sheffield are those that are on the outskirts of town, touching the other cities, the gas stations, and the one grocery store and car dealership.

You can find what you need to survive in Sheffield, but it can be difficult, and may often have to be ordered online if you refuse to cross over the city border into surrounding Muscle Shoals or Florence to their hoards of department stores and more.
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