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Sheboygan Falls has many beautiful parks that are next to the river. The downtown is a quaint little area, with some new shops coming in and bringing life back to it. It is located an hour from Green Bay and Milwaukee. There are many manufacturers in the area which provide many jobs. In recent years a new middle school was built using an innovative design. The schools have a very strong CTE program which helps make well rounded students.
school system is ok. More bars than shopping. Businesses closing. Nice neighborhoods depending on which area or subdivision you live in. Low income housing project. One grocery store.
Sheboygan Falls is like this rare gem. It is such a historically beautiful town, you are minutes from big retailer shopping, and it's a family friendly place. I have never seen so many people walking in all the places I have lived. No crime, kids running everywhere, people walking dogs and talking to eachother. It's very clean. The people here are so nice and really have a sense of community. The schools are OUTSTANDING! It's unbelievably rare you find a community like this that is still affordable to live in. Of course that won't last forever so move here before it becomes as expensive as Kohler lol. I honestly thought it would be like Sheboygan when we moved here. But it's nothing like it! It's the nice town people move to that's outside of the big city. This place is the new up and coming area to live in. You'll see!
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Sheboygan Falls is a nice small town that has a lot of friendly people and plenty of employment opportunities in the area.
Sheboygan Falls is a beautiful community. It's a small town with historic beauty that is located an hour drive (in any direction) to a big city.
Sheboygan Falls is an amazing little town only 15 minutes away from the beautiful Lake Michigan. It has such a close knit community full of all generations. I love the safety that Sheboygan Falls has compared to Sheboygan. In Sheboygan Falls, everywhere that you go it always feels homey and it is amazing. The only thing that I would like to see changed would be more things to do in the city and to not have police follow people for no reason.
Sheboygan Falls is a nice small town. It was a good place to grow up in. A thing that would be nice to see change in Sheboygan falls would be better employment opportunities.
Nice atmosphere, a lot of old people, low crime rate and decent food. The schools are average, plenty of growth opportunity. Safe parks for my son to play at. Sheboygan Falls is a small city, so there is no shortage of police. The nightlife is decent for there are many taverns, this means nothing to me since I do not drink, but through observation. Falls is a great place to live.
It is a nice clean community, with friendly neighbors.
It is a nice clean community
Personally, I have had to call my cities cops multiple times. From my house, I can hear when they leave the police station. They answer calls right away and they help anyone in need. They have also come to check up on my friends and I when we were being to loud outside. They are respectful and kind as long as I was.
If I had the choice to move where I live now again, I would. I like how I feel safe when I am walking through my city. Everyone is friendly and willing to lend a helping hand when needed. We have a park close to downtown and even though it is by all the shops, restaurants, and other buildings it is a peaceful place. We have a body of water to fish on and to watch the wildlife. Children can play on the play ground and teenagers or adults can play on the basketball courts or tennis courts.
Its not the worse but could be better. I see police walking around the town and in school but they are not very quick to the scene if there is a problem.
Overall I rate living here bad. Its to small and the education here is getting worse.
Pay is lower than average
Public services in the area work well.
Lots of local places, but not very modern.
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There are a lot of poor housing in the city but better maintained homes further away.
Very safe in most areas.
Its a safe place to be but you really need to look for things to do. I would suggest staying at Blue Harbor if you have kids and staying at the Kohler resort if you like to golf.
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