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Shawswick Township Reviews

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i have loved living in such a beautiful color filled town with such historic roots
u can drive right thru and not find a single bit of traffic
The judicial system is corrupt
Most public services are prompt, considerate, and personable.
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It is possible to get just about everything you would need in this area.
A majority of people here are of the same race and affiliate with the same religion. We could use some more diversity.
My area is mostly safe. There is some crime like about anywhere and very few major crimes.
We have plenty of restaurants. Most of which are chain restaurants and mostly unhealthy. We could really use some more healthy choices and local restaurants.
My area is just about like any other health-wise. We have many overweight people and we have many healthy people. It's about an even balance.
In my area, it isn't unusual to see someone walking down the sidewalk on most streets. Most streets are safe enough for them.
For the most part, the outdoors in my neighborhood is fairly clean and beautiful.
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