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In Shawsville it has been very small and closed off from other towns, but recently it has gained more attention. There is nothing I would like to change about Shawsville.
It has the peace and quiet you get from living in the country along with beautiful mountains. Its conveniently located inbetween two cities (15 minutes to either one). Nice community and friendly people!
Personally I grew up in Shawsville and what I like is how quiet it is here. Not a city type of area more of a rural area. Somethings I would improve would probably be to add more job opportunities, and more things for kids and people to do around here.
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I feel safe in this area
Love the slow paced life and small school
This area has both natural and cultural accessabilities. It is a well rounded area to live and raise a family. There is much to do in the city as well as the rural areas.
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