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Shawnee Township Reviews

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It’s really boring here, but Ohio is boring in general. It has good schools and good neighborhoods though. People are fairly pleasant.
Shawnee township offers exceptional real estate, has one of the top public school systems in the Lima area, and is a one of the safest areas in the Lima area (ranked 76% lower in terms of overall crime by, cost of living is one of the higher areas in the Lima area but very affordable when compared to big population centers such as Cincinnati, Columbus, or Toledo. Night life is limited but you are not completely deprived of restaurants, events, etc. Overall, Shawnee township is an affordable, low crime, family friendly environment that has great school opportunities.
I was born and raised here in Shawnee Ohio. I move away in my 20's. Then in 2013 I moved back so to a bad situation, domestic violence. I came back to Shawnee Ohio, because it is a safe place for me. A small community, friends and family. There is great support here. Although I have to commute to work 35 minutes, Shawnee is a small Village in a rural county side.
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Not very many people are friendly or out going.
I don't hear about much crime in Shawnee township.
After I graduate from college I will not return.
Not much to do around here, however the people who live in this area are very warm welcoming people.
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