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The atmosphere in Shawnee is very kind and friendly. I grew up here and it is pretty much all you can ask for in a town.
Shawnee has been my home for the last 5 years, I have moved all over the United States and is my favorite spot to be. It is about 20 minutes from Kansas City and the commute is very easy. There is a lot to do in Shawnee and surrounded cities that are quick to get to and can be enjoyed for cheap pricing.
This is a great city to live in. I came from Missouri to live with my fiance and we are incredibly happy here. It's a good distance away from my job so I can separate home and work, but it's close enough to not be overwhelmed by the commute. I feel safe here and it has everything I need. It's big enough without being too big.
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Shawnee is very neat and clean. Friends neighbors and great parks for children and for the elderly to walk or play sports. Great outdoors.
Shawnee has many places to shop or eat, and the houses are nice. It is not a huge city, but it is still a nice place to live. There are also many places available to work or go to school. There are old places with lots of history and new places that are more modern. It is reasonably close to other places, such as downtown Kansas City. The people who live and work in Shawnee are very nice and everyone is very kind and welcoming, especially to people who are new to the neighborhood or town.
Very family friendly. More things to do on weekend such as park activities and more restaurants in Western Shawnee. I would also like to see them leave MidLAND Drive alone and make Shawnee Mission Parkway the main way to get to Western Shawnee.
It is very rich and very white. The schools are excellent. It is relatively close to Kansas City, and is a suburb of such. The area itself is liberal for Kansas, but still moderately conservative.
I was born and raised in Shawnee. I've lived here my whole life. The neighborhoods are full of good people, the schools are full of great teachers, and there are great restaurants and stores everywhere.
Shawnee is safe, has exceptional schools, multiple housing options, many restaurants, parks, gyms, shops, and entertainment centers. People are friendly.
I have lived in Shawnee, KS for a little more than 10 years. The area I live in is incredibly safe and provides a lot. There are many elementary schools as well as a middle school and high school right by each other. This is nice because for families with siblings it makes transportation easy. Also with a high school at the center of it all it brings the whole community together for sporting events and other things going on in the community. There are many job opportunities around due to many stores and small businesses being near. Shawnee is very involved community with many events and nice people around. It is a very nice area to live and there has been no problems that are alarming.
Shawnee is a lovely place to live. People are friendly and welcoming. The neighborhoods are well-maintained and charming.
I've lived here my entire life, and I absolutely love it. I went to Ray Marsh Elementary School as a child and it was a fantastic experience. The teachers and administration truly cared about where we all were going in the future, in my opinion. I'm currently a senior at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, and it is a great school. I have friends at various other schools around the area, and most of them don't have the quality of programs that Northwest has. I'm in the IB program and it has done a great job of leading me where I need to go and preparing me for the next step. My neighborhood has been safe and my house has been a home, and that's all I could ask for. There are some construction projects that have been done over the years that could have been done in a better way, but for the most part I love this city.
Shawnee is constantly growing! New restaurants, gyms, and grocery stores all opening up every month. It is a very clean town with nice people. Nothing too expensive or outrageously overpriced.
I've lived here for almost 10 years and it's a great place to live. The schools are great and there are plenty of things to do. During the summertime, there is this fair called "Old Shawnee Days" which is always a blast!
I have made so many friends in the Shawnee area. Everyone around here is so nice and welcoming. My neighbors love having little get togethers and just talking with each other.
It's a Kansas City Suburb. Nice and safe, and genuinely not interesting. But the people are nice and the food's alright. Traffic isn't bad either.
Shawnee is a great suburb that is constantly growing. The people are friendly and show off a mixed demographic. There are numerous options for schooling in the area depending on where you live. Other filler words in order to reach the character limit.
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Shawnee is a great place to live. I am very fortunate to of been raised here. There are many great parks near here and the schools here are great.
Very boring for young people there is nothing to do here. I would not recommend moving here. Very safe and clean though.
It is a great city in the suburb of Kansas. The Shawnee Mission School district is highly rated nationwide. It is not very exciting for young people, but it is a safe place to raise a family. There are many food places nearby.
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