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Shawnee Hills Reviews

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It is a small town with not a lot to do.
You have to find things to do just like any where else.
There are a lot of bike trails in the surrounding areas
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It is like any other neighborhood, crime and problems of this sort have no boundaries, it is in every corner of every city in the world, rich or poor.
This area has a nice view, it is like any other place.
We get a little more precipitation all around every season.
You must travel at least 30-40 min to find better dinning.
It is mostly farming .
It is what you would expect from a small rural surroundings. It is nothing like the bigger cities.
The nature/outdoors is great in this area. There are always community members seen doing outdoor activities. There is a lake near by that everyone uses and most citizens have snow mobiles to play in the snow. There is always something to do in the outdoors, and that is a great thing.
Safety in the area is great. There are no crimes to speak of, and if there were, the police would be very active and neighbors would help to the best of their abilities.
Public services are good in the area. Local police/fire stations have good reaction time for being completely volunteer. Public services, local laws, and local representatives, state reps, and governors are good.
The weather is typical Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. There are not often natural disasters, however, tornadoes are the most common natural disaster that our area faces.
There are not many job opportunities in the area, and definitely not any career opportunities. I would suggest finding a job in a different town or be prepared to drive a distance to get to your job. Most people in the area drive to another location to work.
There are not many restaurants in the area. I would not go to a restaurant in this town, I would probably go to the next town over to find a good place to eat.
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