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It's a nice small town. Good for families. The schools are decent. The community is very nice and has a lot of small businesses
It's a nice quiet town, good restaurants, beautiful parks, and a big lake. There isn't much in the way of variety as far as shopping goes, however.
There is some much diversity and culture in the town. Perfect location between larger towns. The school district is pretty average too.
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Don't trust anyone from shawano, the cops are crooked as are most of the business owners, there are constantly fights going on all over the city, I'm looking to move away as soon as possible
Shawano is a wonderful town to raise a family. It is very quiet, a great place to vacation, to live, and to enjoy life. The cost of living is reasonable, and the schools are excellent.
Growing up in a small town such as Shawano, you always long for a life in the big city. However, after a while you come to realize that the quiet town you used to live in was quiet, safe, and easily accessible because of its size. While cities may have more forms of entertainment and food options, Shawano has a warm, inviting atmosphere, all based on the strong bond within the local community. It's definitely the place to move to if you're looking for a place to settle comfortably.
Shawano is a seasonal lively town. Throughout the summer, Shawano is a tourist destination with our beaches and fishing offered in Shawano Lake. Shawano also offers entertainment with our bowling alley and outdoor and indoor movie theater as well as the beautiful countryside views as you drive through. Shawano has a beautiful education program within their highschool and offers college classes through the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Shawano is a hot attraction and offers a lot to tourists and the local communities.
Shawano is a small northern town in Wisconsin. With a population of around nine thousand it's the very definition of 'small town USA'. However it lacks the Hollywood, straight row, golf course grass, white picket fence appeal. There is very little in the way of diversity unless you count the nearby Menominee Native American Reservation. But like many small towns, the mentality is also small. The residents think little, and they are very tight knit against development and those who they perceive as outsiders. So much so that it has clouded their vision and become detrimental to their success and development as a city. If these traits could be improved Shawano would be an idyllic place to live and raise a family.
While Shawano, WI is surrounded by some of the most beautiful land I've ever seen, it is a terribly economically depressed area with few opportunities for employment. I would like to see some progressive investment in the area that could lead to healthy, positive changes in employment opportunity in the area.
There are many activities in the area during the summer however during the winter the area clears out unless you enjoy hunting or snowmobiling. Not a lot for young adults aside from small bars.
Shawano is a beautiful little city on the Wolf RIver. There's plenty to do outdoors all year round. This is the perfect place to raise a family. The schools are good. The community is safe. And you're near the conveniences of cities like Green Bay, Wausau, and Appleton.
Not a whole lot of crime.
The lake has too many tourists so it cannot be fully utilized. The locals are also very standoffish and the reservation is a terrible influence on the town.
There are very little crime concerns. Children safely play outside. Families walk and bike together on the Mountain Bay Trail. Most people know their neighbors and they watch out for each other and their properties.
Shawano has a charming small town atmosphere. I see the area continuing to grow and thrive! New businesses are coming into town. The Parks and Rec department has been updating almost every park in the area. The Farmer's Market is growing every year. The downtown shops are fun for tourists and a place to find something unique for the locals, too. Shawano is a great place to raise families. I see the media age lowering as more young couples move in.
I haven't experienced anything personally, but there are not many flare ups in the city with crime.
It's a great place to raise a family but it is not very exciting. Many people feel that there isn't much to do here.
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I view Shawano to be the best town to raise your kids within a safe community that doesn't expose your kids to major drugs in bigger cities like Green Bay kids being exposed to meth and big drugs like so.
theres not much out here
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