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I have little to no problems with living here. The only issue is the negative looks and talk that I have received for living here because it is not a wealthy neighborhood. I try not to let it get to me.
Crime is primarily drug related, can also involve vandalism by wild teenagers, but beyond that, the neighborhood is safe enough to walk around at night.
Climate is good, home life is nice; stay away from the teens.
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The jobs in my area are not very relevant to what I usually do. It seems difficult to get hired even with a willingness to learn.
In my town called Sharpsburg, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pa., we have two dollar stores with one at each end of town. It is a great asset because they have low prices and are conveniently located. We also have a few family owned restaurants which is a nice break from cooking at home and fast food. There are no big companies, but there is a mall (Waterworks) about two miles away. We have two convenient stores with one being a gas station as well. However, it is our only gas station. There is not much around for entertainment except for quite a few bars, but I do not drink nor to I hang out in any of them. There is also no convenience in major groceries such as produce and a wide selection of meats.
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