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I've lived in Sharonville my entire life and it's been a good place to grow up. The neighborhoods and area are very walkable, with everything you need very close nearby. The homes tend to be older, but there has been a lot of development lately (i.e., new sidewalks). It's a safe area and there a lot of parks, a library, and community center and pool. The weather is pretty unpredictable as far as seasons go and can vary greatly from year to year or even day to day. We're lucky to not get the hurricanes and earthquakes other regions face. The only cons I can think of are that our mail system isn't always the best and there isn't a terribly strong sense of community among neighbors. Overall, it's a nice, quaint, and affordable place. The majority of people here are families with kids (and pets) and retirees.
Although I've enjoyed my time here, I'll will likely leave the Midwest for college. I hope this review has been helpful in giving you a picture of Sharonville!
I am a resident in the United States in Ohio, and I have been living in Sharonville for over eight years now, and I have had most courteous attention from others by being from another country and with zero levels of English. Sharonville neighborhood helped me through these eight years. It is clean, beautiful, safe, friendly, good schools with sympathetic teachers. Since I came to Sharonville with my family, we do not want to leave this place because of what we have experienced and lived through so far in here.
Great location and people. Love the amenities of the top-notch park systems, convention center, and being within a short drive of anything. Well-run City as well with elected officials and city staff who care.
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I like that there are a lot of great stores and restaurants in the area. Housing is somewhat limited, but the pricing is consistently the same as other neighbouring areas. The school district is very good and it is a quiet suburb of Cincinnati. I love the fact that major highways are close so it is easy to get to other areas quickly. There is not much of nightlife in this area. It is mainly geared to the working families.
I enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere. I feel comfortable with taking long walks in this safe environment and enjoy my short commute to work.
I rent an apartment in Sharonville and I love the diversity here. The cost of living is a little bit below average for a Cincinnati suburb. my work is super close as well as a kroger and highway access.
For a cheaper, less expensive place to live the atmosphere and options of things to do around the neighborhood are nice. If I had the choice to move here again, I would. In the future of this area I see many renovations being done and the possibility of the neighborhood to become neater, cleaner, and a nicer place to stay.
There are many families that go to the same schools. There are families with younger children starting to move in so another generation is coming through.
Several local parks and waterways provide great opportunities for outdoor fun with the family. Throughout my childhood my parents took my siblings and I to local parks like Sharon Woods for outstanding fun. We could go to East Fork Lake for beach fun in the summer and to Perfect North Slopes for tubing or skiing in the winter. Cincinnati truly has something for everyone to enjoy the outdoors.
Not only do I feel pretty safe in my community, but I also believe that our police and fire sources respond reasonably quickly and give good attention to their jobs. We also have many crime and safety prevention information sessions and classes available for every age group.
Regardless of what kind of impacts their laws and regulations have had, I believe that all of my local and state representatives really have the interests of the majority of those whom elected them in mind.
In the winter, we all complain it is too cold. In the summer, we all complain it is too hot. Although Cincinnatians continuously complain about the weather, I wouldn't live somewhere else because of the weather. We don't typically have drastically harmful weather conditions and I have come to enjoy that we get to experience all four seasons every year.
From small local shops to Fortune 500 companies, Cincinnati has great opportunities for most people. Some of the companies which are headquartered in the area include P&G, GE, DunnHumby, Kroger, Graeter's, Skyline, and Great American Financial Group (which the Cincinnati Red's baseball stadium has been named after).
Internationally known restaurants and local eateries at all price level can be found throughout Cincinnati. My favorite local restaurant would be Skyline. There 3-way is delicious and always cooked just right. Cincinnati is also home to my absolute favorite desert place - Graeter's! They have the most delectable ice creams anywhere and even some of the most interesting flavors. My favorite is their Mocha Chocolate Chip.
From internationally recognized food chains, to local high-dinning restaurants, and small local coffee shops, Cincinnati has a mix of just about every level and kind of food, clothing, and entertainment. From downtown, to OTR, and even up near Mason, there has been a lot of activity in the last few years and Cincinnati seems to be reestablishing itself as a flourishing city of opportunities.
Not that many events take place.
A lot of crime, more home values going down. Lost of jobs
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