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I've lived in Sharon most of my life. The schools are top notch and the area seems to be growing, with plenty of nearby industries.
Small town that does not have a large population. Not much to do there. Nice schools. Lots of farm land. It is a big horse area.
I have lived in Sharon Center all my life. The community is in a rural area. The area is very quiet and peaceful. Living in the country is nice because of the fresh air and being able to have outdoor animals such as chickens.
The school system is a public school with high standards. The community takes an active role is the school system and the sports programs. The school supports the students in marching band. The marching band has an excellent following at weekly football games during the football season.

It is a wonderful community to grow up in and attend the school. It is a wonderful education which prepares the students for college.
I would recommend families to raise children in the community.
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Sharon Township is a small town. It's also very quiet and safe. There are no clubs or bars there. Most houses have a lot of land for the prices you buy them. It is a very family friendly town with parades and lots of parks around for kids to venture into. Sharon Township is about 25 minutes from Akron and 35 from Cleveland.
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