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I have been a lifelong resident of this community. It used to be very nice. Now you have all the farm areas being sold for houses. Putting a strain on our roads, utilities, schools, etc. Hate to see it going down the tubes like everywhere else.
It's a lovely area. I live in between two extremes: Sharon and Wadsworth. Sharon is more rural, with wealthier families. Wadsworth is packed with people, and many of them are not well off. Nevertheless, Wadsworth has a far friendlier atmosphere than Sharon. There is a sort of underlying spirit of goodwill, community, and taking care of one another. My heart aches to see these good people struggling financially.
The citizens here are diverse when it comes to health. There are people who are active, others who are not, some with terminal illness and others who had never had so much as a cold. Akron General and Cleveland Clinic are both well renowned hospitals and are both relatively close to my area. Akron General even has a recreational/fitness building called Lifestyles, of which I am a 2 year member. Many students of my former high school are also members to Lifestlyes and other recreational facilities in my proximity.
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Sidewalks and bike paths were never really integrated in our community besides those found in parks. Joggers and bikers are seen frequently on the roads even though the average speed limit is around 45 mph. West Akron can become packed with traffic but only during rush hour. At the University of Akron, free bus transportation is granted to students called The Roo. It is a good system, and allows students to travel safely by night if need be.
Big crime is unheard of in this area. No mobs, robbers, killers, etc. However, one may encounter 2-3 police cruisers in a single five minute drive. These troopers and sheriffs make their bread on drug possession, speeding, and other traffic violations. Recently though, an uprise in heroin possession charges has been revealed. Shocking as it sounds, I do not believe this drug has taken root in our community. The overall attitude of these people is more effective against heroin than the police, proving that drugs will not be tolerated here.
I love this area. My family and friends are all in a decent vicinity from my residence. As I stated on the previous page, I believe our community will do very well in the next 10 years. If I am fortunate enough to also do well economically in the next 10 years, it would be ideal to move back, start a family, and make my own home.
Employment has not been much of a problem in our area than most others. With Akron being a 15 minute commute and Cleveland a mere 30 minutes, our community has done well to be on the good side of unemployment. Also, considering the rise in enrollment to the University of Akron, and the boom in the professional sports sector of Cleveland, our economy can go no where but up. Many people in our community own their own businesses. I believe a boom in growth and overall well-being is near, and I for one am excited to be a part of it.
We are a a small town community where life revolves around Highland High School. There are no hangouts or community centers where people gather to talk and reminisce. What we do have, though, is a love for the kids who participate in any high school extracurricular activity from football to robotics. Whenever there's an event, families show up from all over, regardless if they have a child participating or not. Through this amiability, our community has been a home to families for generations. Moreover, we are no stranger to the "small town" bias. Everybody knows everybody, but there are some who take that too literally.
One facet worth favorable repute in our community is our nature centers, pars, and environment. The three townships that make up our town each have a park for sports and such, but the Cleveland Metro Parks has land set aside in Hinckley (our northern most township) that is enjoyed by people in both our county and in adjacent ones. Whipp's Ledges and Hinckley Lake are used daily by hikers, joggers, and regular people who want to enjoy a day outside. In Sharon Township, field trips were taken to visit Wolf Creek, a wildlife preserve that is located down the street from the elementary school. Visiting this reserve at a young age initiated the respect and reverence i have for nature. It is evident that other citizens in this community feel the same way, because pollution is scarcely a problem.
Sharon Township Circle frequently holds events such as weddings, concerts, conventions, and parades (less often than the others). As a teenager growing up here, however, sports and outdoor activities were my main entertainment. The community has recreational soccer, football, basketball, baseball, cheerleading, and other sports that allowed many children to explore different interests. Tourists do not show up often, though, so the community enjoys the company of one another.
Our community is well-kept by our public service officials. More than enough sheriffs and members of the police force are available and evident throughout. However, our fire department has a tendency to be late where and when they are needed most. Our governors and representatives are responsive and cooperative. All in all, this is a great community with nice and friendly citizens. I was blessed to be raised here.
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