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The tight-knit community is what I love most about Shamong. Everyone here knows one another, and in times of crisis we are quick to band together for a cause. People show up in mass to support local events.
Growing up in Shamong, I have had a great experience. The public schools provide a great learning environment, where I feel very comfortable and confident with my learning experiences. Also the residents who live here are very friendly. My neighborhood is diverse with lots of friendly families who wave as you drive by and someone is always outside either doing housework or taking their dog for a walk. I feel very lucky to have been able to grow up in such a compact, contemporary town.
I moved here about 4 years ago. Small family oriented town. A great place to raise your children. Schools are great and the town is very nice. Involved parents and close community. The Lenape School District for highschools is top notch. Also, the Shamong School district is good. We are more of a farming area but close enough to Medford with out paying the real high taxes that Medford pays. We are about 25 to 30 minutes to shopping and malls. Everything is close enough but not congested or over populated. We are also only an hour away from the beach and 45 minutes outside of Philly. No crime and very reasonable priced houses.
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I've never felt unsafe or felt there needed to be a stronger police presence.
I love it for being a small town and for raising a family, etc., but as a young adult there are more exciting places I'd rather be.
In the area, there isn't much crime activity at all! It is probably one of the safest place in nj ! Police wise, we only have state police and there isn't many that drive around. The only time they drive around if something is really happening then they come and search for that person
I've lived in this area ever since I was born. I currently live here with my lovely grandparents. When I get older and buy a home of my own, I would be estactic to do so. In the future for my area, I see it expanding more. I would hope that there could be more mini marts in the local area.
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