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The city of Severn is a beautiful, family orientated community that has close proximity to many attractions such as Arundel Mills.
I like living in Severn. Housing prices are very good. It is a little too rural as far as night clubs etc. night life. But DC and Baltimore are just 20 minutes away. Also... there is Maryland Live Casino less than 6 miles away.
We're super close to so many amenities. It's nice and quiet. Feels like a nice, little town with bigger attractions than most. I'm glad we moved here.
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Severn is a nice small city outside of Baltimore. Quiet normal suburb that houses all sorts of families. People around town are nice and respectful. We rarely hear cases of anything bad happening. I have lived in Severn 7 years now and I cannot complain. I love it to death! Finding a job around town is very easy even without the normal qualifications. The schools are great and are a wonderful way for suburb kids to mix with other kids from different places.
I've lived here my entire life and I've visited other states/cities but nothing beats Severn. Very low crime, never in my neighborhood. Most people keep to themselves, still pretty friendly. Not a bad area if you want to be close enough to a city yet still have enough distance to enjoy the peacefulness. Not overly populated, not too much littering. Really just an overall good and mostly quiet place to live.
Severn is a nice and quiet place to live. It’s a nice place to raise a family. It’s affordable and very diverse because it’s close to Fort Meade. Also it’s not to far from the Arundel Mills mall for night life. The schools are fairly nice in the area. But they do have access to different school because of the neighborhood. For example my little brothers go to two great school. Chesapeake Science academy and Monarch Elementary. The community is so helpful.
Severn is really diverse. It has many different places you can go to eat and have fun family time. The traffic is really bad in the morning and late in the evening though. It's really close to the casino and arundel mills mall. Although, it is very live and fun, it's not so safe. I want it to be more safe. Stuff that we can do as a community. I want it to be less crime in that area.
Severn is a great place to live with very few drawbacks. I have heard of experiences with less than considerate neighbors but I have never personally experienced this. It is not a very populated area but certainly not rural. Overall, I would say this is a great area!
It is a great place to live mainly because of the quite neighborhoods and low amount of crime. There are a large amounts of wonderful schools in the area, both public and private, which allow families a variety of choices for their children. Severn is also conveniently close by several metropolitan areas including Baltimore and Washington DC. Plus you are only a few hours away from Philadelphia and Richmond allowing for convenient day trips. Maryland also has an incredible amount of historical for those inclined to take in US history.
Severn is a nice city with a family friendly environment. Schools are impeccable and is a very safe community. Severn is near Annapolis, which is a cute town. There are also lakes, and beaches nearby. It is a nice place to start a family. No night life except for other nearby cities. Housing is expensive. Private schools are amazing but very expensive. Severn is clean and the libraries are nice.
Severn has very quiet neighborhoods. In mine I know majority of my neighbors an all the kids play outside together. Everyone watches after each others kids and helps out when needed. There are always people outside walking their dogs or working out.
Pretty average city, relatively quiet and safe but lots of areas with no sidewalks. There seems to be relatively low crime here. Lots of avaliabke housing, however most of it seems to be quite expensive.
I've lived in severn for just over the past decade. I've always felt at home here even when I first moved in. The nearby school districts are all great, regardless of what people who enjoy to complain might say. There's a very low crime level and you hardly ever have to feel worried for your safety. Nearby is many government jobs primarly DoD oriented, which both pay well and offer great job security. The only large downside I've found is that real estate can be on the pricy end, given that Anne Arundel County is a nicer part of Maryland.
I enjoy living in Severn. The nightlife isn't great but it's not far from neighboring areas and everything isn't exactly walking distance, but it is not hard to get from place to place. Meade High isn't great but Old Mill is close and I would be glad sending my kids there.
I like how there are parts still secluded. It is growing to fast. Traffic is becoming horrible. When I first moved to Severn I felt very safe. Things have really changed, an elderly lady up the road from me was battered by someone that broke into her house.
Commute between Annapolis and Baltimore is optimal. A quiet suburb with friendly neighbors and overall safe, just not much to do in the general vicinity.
Next to a military base; good opportunities for getting a job. Roads need lot of work, though. Hard to sell a house if you are trying to leave Severn because of all the development.
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The experience is very nice. All the residents are friendly and they have all the markets and food places that others would love.
I have been living in severn for around 17 years. In my community, I think the safety could be better. Around me there have been instances where people have broken into cars. My mother and I have unfortunately experienced that. Other than that, there is lots to do in my city. The mall is closer along with great places to eat.
I have lived in Severn all my life. Its a great area but I would like to see the crime and violence rate go down. Its getting worse every year.
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