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There is a lot of space and everything like shops and grocery stores are relatively close buy. The schools are pretty decent it depends on the teachers you get. Besides that, everyone is generally very polite and nice.
I’ve live in Semmes pretty much my whole life. This is my home I feel safe and comforted here. I love my small town
Excellent community of people who looks out for one another! Everything is such close proximity, which is amazing because no one likes hours traveling to and from the store.
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I have lived in Semmes for eight years, i love the small town feel of this town. I enjoy living outside of the city limits but close enough to town. I love being able to go into the small shops or even gas stations and the employees or people know you.
I would like to see more popular businesses and eateries. There are many old buildings and facilities in Semmes that I feel should be replaced with newer ones. The school system should include a private education institution, that way students in the area have an option of attending a public or private school. I enjoy the fact that the mobile public library is located in Semmes.
Nice town to live in and raise a family. Have had a few problems here lately (2017) with robberies in neighborhoods and subdivisions near M.G.M High School. Wilmer, AL is not far up the road (10 min) and is nice. If you go near Wilmer Georgetown Rd, you will see nice places to live, especially near the elementary school.
Semmes is a good area to live. Rural but growing. We are a growing community with new restaurants and new business opening frequently. It still has the small town feel and you will see people you know on a daily basis. The schools are good here but could use some tweaking. Shopping is minimal but malls and other major stores are within 15-30 min drive. There are a few medical facilities in Semmes but most are in nearby Mobile, just a short drive away. The cost of living in Semmes and most of the surrounding areas in pretty low. Sales tax in Semmes is only 7.5%. Also, you are within 1 hour of the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores and Dauphin Island.
I have just recently moved to Semmes for family reasons, and while I miss my home, Semmes isn't so bad. I don't like the traffic in the Mobile area, but I'll learn to deal with it. Everyone is really nice here, and my new neighbors are very kind and welcoming!
I love living in Semmes, it is a small town, but if that is what you are looking for then this is your place. I live in the county limits, so we have issues with sheriffs not being able to do anything, because we also live on a dirt road. It was very annoying, especially because my old neighbors were drug heads, and parolees, as well as felons. Everything below depends on where in Semmes you live.
Semmes is a very nice town to raise a family. It has two elementary, one middle, and one high school. I grew up with the same people and had great relationships with them. Semmes has safe neighborhoods and is within minutes to decent paying jobs. It is clean and has plenty of activities for the entire family.
Semmes, Alabama is my spot. I love it here.. why? Because people here in the south part of my town are very friendly and they will help you with anything. I also love being near the beach, the beach is my happy spot. My experience here overall has been great I go to a wonderful school with great people. If I could change one thing it would be the wreck less drivers here. They do not care.
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