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Not that kind of white town that Afro Man discussed in Crazy Rap Song (colt. 45), but mostly white. Learning is alright, but our elementary school is small, and needs to be made bigger to accommodate for more students. Not a bad place to grow up in, but its very sheltered, and superficially PC. The m e m e culture is meh, and the floors leak a lot. It's quiet accept for holiday seasons because we're between Pawtucket Stadium and Seekonk Speedway. So fire works DO EXIST.
A nice quiet town with easy access to Providence. Good variation between rural and more built up areas.
Seekonk is a lovely town! From the school system to the community in general, everyone is so sweet. Seekonk is a very clean town with very little bad things happening especially compared to other towns/cities. I also feel very safe in Seekonk. I could go outside for a walk and feel safe.
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Seekonk is a small, "New Englandy" type of town. Seekonk has a great school system, and it seems just about everyone wants to live here. The elementary schools are currently experiencing a bit of overcrowding, but the town just voted to increase their capacity. The nightlife here is average, typically most people will find themselves on Route 6 where all the shopping and restaurants are. Depending on where you're going, commute time can vary. Boston typically takes an hour, and Providence about 15 minutes. There is little to no crime in Seekonk, albeit for the occasional car accident. The town is primarily a white community, with minorities accounting for less than 20% of the population. Most of the jobs in town are in the small businesses, along Route 6, or working for the town. There are plenty of volunteer activities throughout the year.
A formerly safe, clean town that sadly has fallen to extreme development. It is no longer as welcoming and supportive as it used to be due to this factor. The school systems are still decent but are starting to run out of room due to the recent housing developments.
I like how small Seekonk is. Everyone knows everyone and people are always looking out for one another. While being small though, there is a lot of room and nature to experience, you don't feel crowded.
I have lived in seekonk my whole life, 18 years. This town is great for kids especially since there is a great school system and it’s a quiet suburb. It’s also a great location for city life, just a short drive to Providence and just over an hour to Boston. The main issue right now is the over populated schools being a result of new condo complexes.
It's a small town but it has good schools, shopping and a friendly community. It is family oriented.
I have lived in Seekonk my whole life. I love the "small town" atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and knows of one another. The school system was incredible, with teachers putting 100% into each student as well as coaches putting in the same effort. Finding work in Seekonk is quite easy, due to the local businesses located throughout the town.
I've only been living in Seekonk for a year but it has really grown on me and I proudly call it home. Every store that can be thought of is only five minutes away making it extremely easy to get all my shopping done quickly. Seekonk does not lack in restaurants, I never get bored with the amount of options and they are all right down the street. It is usually very quiet but in the summer you can hear the race cars down at the speedway and even see some fireworks.
Seekonk is a great town to live in. Night time is very quiet and the people are friendly. Stores are right down the road. There are just enough trees so you don't feel like you are in the city.
Great small suburb town with both quiet country roads and busy shopping centers all in one. Safe town, good school system.
My family has lived in Seekonk for 50+ years. It's a nice small town and still near to Providence and Boston.
It is very expensive to live in Seekonk but it is well worth it. Excellent school systems, great schools, a variety of stores and restaurants, and friendly people (for the most part). Not a very diverse town; an overwhelming majority of the people are white.
housing is nice but there are too many new houses being built
It is a small town but has a good atmosphere
there isnt to much crime
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the neighborhood is very calm and relaxing
It's a fairly safe small town.
It's a small town and it has a good community but not much to do
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