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The police are Gestapo like in style. The politics are ugly and nasty,most monies given to the city in Grant are used for nonprofits or pilford for the general fund leaving the residents out in the cold for stormwater drainage issues I own several pieces of property in Sebastian will continue to own them because rents are high
very quiet. low crime rate. great school district. great city to raise a family. has 5 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 1 highschool.
I have a love/ Hate with Sebastian FL. I am 21 years old There are a few night spots LIKE 3. Therefore not much to do for nightlife but, I like that it's a quite community for the most part. The people in this community are friendly and helpful. The stores are not crowded. The crime rate is low and local law enforcement are very nice and helpful. I love the some of the local restaurants. Expectably the ones on the water so relaxing. There's always somethin going on at Riverside Park. Usually for the older crowed though.
This is my town small, friendly, and a little boring.
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I've grown up here and there just isn't a lot of opportunities. It is more of a retirement town. More than half the people that reside here are 50 years old and up. It is a beautiful area and has a lot family fun activities during the day.
It is a very quiet town near the water. Great place to relax, fish, or enjoy the beach. Everyone in the town is very friendly and neighbors always looking out of each other and helping each other out. There is little crime in the area. People love to walk the river or take a little drive over to the beaches. We get a lot of visitors due to the quiet and quaint town that it is.
Small, quaint town with nice people. Very relaxing, and never too busy. It’s more of a residential area where people travel out to work. Beautiful riverfront restaurants with live music at most.
If you like nothing to do, nothing to eat but fried food and experience the towns bad attitude then come here. This is where you go to complain and die. Nothing but rude northerners come here to retire.
Sebastian is a quiet little place. I rent a house in a nice little area and I love it. It does require travel to get most places, but it is worth the peace I have at home.
Sebastian is a calm place where people would not have to worry about trouble around them. The people here are very kind and they would show good manners. However, since it is a small town, it does not have as much stuff to do, especially during night. It would be nice that there are some activities that can bring the community much closer.
The town of Sebastian is a very good town for people who are laid back and don't like to be around of kids. The town is a place that has more of a population of older people instead of the younger group of kids. The town is very laid back and clam there might be some big things that happen but it doesn't happen often. this town is perfect for the older group of people living here. We have a lot of events that go on in that park that is perfect for little children and older people.
I have lived in Sebastian for many years now, and I really enjoy the calmness of the town. It is never extremely busy, but there are still enjoyable things to do and fun places to go. It is a quiet little town that is full of smiling faces, fun activities, and beautiful surroundings. The community is active and connected, and any basic need you seek is there.
Lots of places to eat food and bars, not a great amount of entertainment. I've lived here nearly all my life, and there's nothing to do. If you do want something to do, you have to go over to Vero Beach and you can head to their downtown area or historical dodgertown or the beach!
It's a very nice place to live, especially for older people or retirees. There's many things to do around town, especially for families. Infrastructure has been deteriorating in recent years, but the city seems to have recently begun revamping the infrastructure, especially the canals.
Sebastian is a small town, but it’s nice because it’s never real loud or busy . If you’re looking for a place to relax, away from a busy city , Sebastian is your prime destination.
We came from a northern state capitol city with high traffic volume. Sebastian is a breath of fresh air. Very little crime and traffic is null. Love this place.
Sebastian is the perfect small fishing town for elderly people. There are hardly ever any crimes due to the elderly population, making it very safe. On the downside, the closest cities with anything to do are about 30-45 minutes in either direction. Very safe, very quiet, very unique, but not recommended for younger population.
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I love my hometown! I just wish all of the rude, nature trashing, homophobic, racists would leave...
I love living in Sebastian; it's a quiet place that may not have a lot to do in the town itself, but it is the perfect distance between major cities that there is something close by so weekends are never boring.
Nice and quiet city, not a lot of crime. Very good public schools, businesses, public parks, police department, school district, and hospital. There's a variety of resturants and fast food places to choose and eat from. Nice weather from time to time.
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