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Seattle is a lovely area with beautiful scenery. I have lived in Seattle my whole life. However, if you do not enjoy the rain or cold weather, I would not move to Seattle.
Seattle as very good public transportation, its easy to get around the city by bus or light rail. There's also an abundance of uber and lyft options.
I would love to see Seattle's infrastructure change. The traffic is terrible, urban planning is something the city needs to invest in and start to get a handle on where the future of the city is growing and upgrade roads with the future in mind rather than just looking at the problems at hand.
Seattle is a wonderful place. I'd love to see the streets cleaned up and a better solution for housing to be implemented to keep the city beautiful and a popular tourist attraction. It will always be home to me!
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Seattle Washington is a fabulous area to live in. Although I think Seattle can be extremely busy. Oftentimes it may appear to be overpopulated plus the traffic can be a hassle. The city accommodates tons of shopping, restaurants, parks, including hiking you can enjoy daily. There are popular and famous attractions that tourists should consider while visiting include the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. Seattle is known for its grey clouds and rain in the fall and winter.
I like how close the community is with each other. There's many different programs and groups people can be a part of. Not only that , there are many job opportunities and schools. You never have to worry about not fitting in because Seattle is a very diverse community. Rain or shine, Seattle has multiple activities you and your family/friends can do.
I live about 45 minutes outside of Seattle actually. it is very diverse her and is one of fastest growing cities. I plan to actually find a job here because I will going to college in the area. Great food, and a very touristy spot. This is a hustle city, meaning everyone is on their grind and works hard. We also have great sports teams. You get the beach, city and forests. Seattle is great.
So to me all this data I see can’t be right. Where I live the poverty rate doesn’t seem as low as it says the crime rate doesn’t seem as low as it says and the diversity doesn’t seem as low as it says. Maybe it’s neighborhoods like Madison Park, Laurlhurst, etc that make it seem less diverse, dangerous and.. real
Seattle is really beautiful you have allot of places to visit in the area everything is so close to each other I recommend riding bikes you will have good views and you wont be stuck in traffic as much as cars. Seattle has allot of tourist places you can visit they have museums, pike place, the ferries to bainbridge island, ferris wheel, space needle, the first star bucks and many more
Love the aspects of an urban city. You can go from the busy streets to downtown to going on a hike 20 mins outside of the city.
I love living in the city of Seattle. I work 15 miles south of the city and my commute is only 35 minutes. Seattle is expensive however, food and housing are above average for the state and especially the country. The growing issues of homelessness have also negatively impacted living in Seattle. It has become a less safe and family friendly area in recent years. There are plenty of opportunities for career development in Seattle and the economy is doing very well. Nightlife, social events, and restaurants are another big plus of Seattle- there is always something new and fun to do and see.
Seattle isn't what it used to be. When I was a kid I remember being in downtown and being awe struck by the amount of things there were to see. The huge buildings, and the constant stream people around me was what had me excited about the city of Seattle. Its stark contrast to the rest of Seattle which was much less busy and more green. But now, what use to be a rich and clean city has now become ridden with the modern problems that have plagued other cities. Our homelessness problem is out of control and it feels as if our own government isn't taking actions that need to be taken. I hope in the upcoming years that huge changes happen in the city to restore it to what it used to be.
But reason I'm here on Niche is Seattle has overgrown my cost of living index substantially, and driving me out.
I love the community Seattle provides, especially for children to grow up in as it provides a healthy balance of modern society and classic values.
horrendous, scary,dirty and LIBERAL all the way, people are so rude, angry, arrogant, with no manner.
people seem to hate the life as well as hating each other,fake people,they cry for open borders since a disabled person on wheelchair remains down the street for as long as you can imagine without anyone help to push his wheelchair up the road, this's how they take care of each other while they pretend they can take care of aliens, hypocrisy all the way.
jobs?low wage , or high quality jobs which requires high quality of education and experience, either way you'll have a hard time to manage to survive.
homeless? they're everywhere.
drugs?I think in a nearest future they'll manage to deliver it to your house or add it on people's food stamps.
rents?we don't wanna even go there.
if you're foreigner with an accent you better learn the sign language because they whether don't understand you or they pretend not to understand you. and again that's how liberals respectfully disrespect you.
Seattle has a lot of fun activities to do, with theaters, cafes, parks, and markets to explore. The public school system is pretty good, though Seattle is a very racially segregated city with expensive real estate. Seattle is also dealing with issues surrounding drugs and homelessness, but the local government hasn't been able to do much to help these people.
Seattle is overall a beautiful and interesting city to live in, especially as a student. Public transportation here is excellent, there are many services available through various programs, nonprofit organizations, and colleges available to you as a resource. There is an incredible arts scene, always new food to explore, and green spaces almost everywhere you look. I do believe that it is the responsibility of local government to do better in ensuring that ALL residents can enjoy the unique and beautiful parts that come with living in Seattle and not just the people who can afford it in this time. I believe that culturally and historically significant buildings and businesses need to be protected, especially those that are POC and immigrant owned. When all people can enjoy Seattle and not just the rich, I will rate this city at five stars.
I really enjoy living here! It is very green, clean, and the people are very open-minded and caring. Most neighborhoods are very safe, though everything is a little expensive here.
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Seattle is a great city in Washington. There are many places you can go to visit, from the space needle to Pikes Place, and there are endless types of food to get! Even though it can be rainy and gray for most of the year, the summers make it worth it, and is the best time to visit the city!
Seattle is beautiful, has amazing outdoor activities including natural spaces and public parks. There are plentiful good jobs. Seattle struggles with public transportation, traffic and cost of living however, making it difficult to live in the city and save for the future.
This is the worst city to live in. will eat you alive. Homeless everywhere. Any city that is 60 miles within Seattle is extremely expenses with no jobs near. Cost of living here takes 80% of your income, so whats the point of working like a machine?

family-work life balance is impossible. No one has kids here, and every grocery store has stairs so good luck if your handicapped or have a baby stroller, not sure how that's legal. Amazon pay lower then most tech companies FYI. Homeless people are rewarded for being drug addicts and provided land to pitch a tent next to million dollar homes. And the government is trying to tax low income people/businesses to fix the homeless problem while leaving the rich (Amazon) to pay no taxes what so ever, smart move Seattle, way to show respect to the people that made your city what it is today.
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