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Seattle is beautiful! It's very diverse and has a lot to offer for people enjoy the outdoors along with social responsibility. It is a very progressive city!
I love that there are so many different opportunities in Seattle for people of all backgrounds. I do wish cost of living was not so expensive and that people in general were friendlier.
Of all of the places I have lived, Seattle provides the highest quality of life. It is a very expensive place to live, but the beauty and access to culture are unmatched. I will live here forever.
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Seattle has lots of green space and parks throughout the city and the waterfronts are beautiful. Public transit is pretty good, and the light rail is particularly reliable. Good food and coffee, too. Overall I love Seattle. The worst part of living here is the high cost of rent.
Growing up in Seattle as a minority, the education system can be seen as flawed. inequality is present, however the programs and community in Seattle is amazing. We even have our own dance team here. Although Seattle is expensive, there are many resources and opportunities to balance it. These opportunities are limited to those with wealth though. It is very clear that those with wealth are given a better chance to succeeding with their overwhelming amount of resources like unpaid internships. Downtown Seattle is very lovely.I love the PNW, and something I also love as well is the gyms around Seattle. Fitness is getting bigger and the community within fitness is exploding! I hope to see Seattle raise more awareness towards health, whether it be physically, mentally , and or spiritually! I think that with the amount of hikes we have, it creates a circle for those who need to go outside and to just take a minute and really reflect on what is around us. I was born and raised in Seattle.
Great City! So much to do both indoors and outdoors. The scenery is beautiful and it's super quick to get to any outdoor recreation you can imagine.
A Beautiful city, with a lot of cultural activities, qualified jobs opportunities and a good offer of health and education services
One of the many things I like about Seattle is the transportation system. I rely on metro buses and Sound Transit Link light rail to take me from and back to school and it has been a life changer. I love to go out and explore to different neighborhoods and see the different local shops around Seattle. Because Seattle is one of many large cities in Washington State, I am very fortunate to have other transportation options to get me to where I need to go.
Seattle is a good city to live in, as it has many opportunities. There are a lot of big companies here, and tons of tourist attractions. However, the city does edge towards being unsafe sometimes, especially downtown.
We have loved living in Seattle. Living downtown gives you access to so much within a short walking distance!
So many things make Seattle great, despite the current national crises. In Seattle the community comes together to protest racial discrimination and police brutality. The foods amazing and so's the view
Large city with many places to visit. Great schools around the area. Apartments should be cheaper.
Growing up in Seattle was a great experience for me and has a wide c=variety of things to offer. The outdoors of Washington is a great thing to utilize and with so much so close to the city it is really easy to have a multitude of experiences.
I have lived in several other states but never felt so unwelcome and uncomfortable than in Seattle. I was subjected to so much discrimination as a Hispanic person. From the old favorite Go back to your country to someone telling me the bathroom was out of toilet paper in a building because they assumed I was the maid. I was denied housing because my people arent "trustworthy" I was either ignored or stared at. I have hundreds of examples in the years I lived there. In 4 years not one person spoke to me who wasnt paid to or wasnt a coworker. If you are white or Asian it's a fantastic, beautiful city, but anything else and you will be miserably lonely. The homeless people are very aggressive, many times I stepped in feces and naked people on the bus. The food is pretty awful because theres no diversity, no soul, no love.
Love seattle! the area around is so nice. Love camping and hiking and water then come here! I could not be more stoked to live here. I am a huge skiier and mountain biker which makes a big difference. I love going to local breweries and coffee shops as well! The skate scene here is pretty good as well.
Seattle was not the fist place I lived when I move to the US. I came from a conservative state where I felt unwelcome for belonging to the LGBTQ+ and Latino community. Seattle has made me feel like home. People here are generally very open minded and polite. The city is big and it is surrounded by nature and at the same time. It is very easy to access the water and mountains. My experience as a student has been great so far as well. I could live here for the rest of my life.
Seattle is a very beautiful city full of kind hearted people who are passionate about a variety of causes. I would like to see change where Seattlites listen to each other more rather than sticking to their own beliefs. I think we can learn a lot from each other's points of view by simply starting a conversation.
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Seattle is a great mixture of most everything I would want in a city: a vibrant downtown area, cool neighborhoods, beautiful beaches and lakes, and stunning hikes for people that like the outdoors.
Many Seattle neighborhoods are walkable, family friendly, and support outdoor activities (jogging, biking, skating, walking). Apartment prices are very high.
Seattle is a great tourist spot, but living here is a completely different story. There is an insane homeless problem that dominates the streets. However, going to places like the Space Needle, the homeless are not seen as much. Yet the second you cross into certain parts of the city at night, it gets dangerous. In addition, night life in Seattle depends on if you are roaming around or finding a tourist attraction, whether it’s the Pacific Science Center or a cozy cafe/ restaurant. It is best to go straight to one place from the other instead of care-free roaming at night because that way you have a safe, fun night!
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