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Explore the safest suburbs in the U.S. based on crime rates for murder, assault, rape, burglary, and other crime statistics by city. Ranking based on data from the FBI and U.S. Census. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

  1. Emerson

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    Niche User: The town of Emerson, New Jersey is a unique area like no other. This area is defiantly a place I would like to raise a family in. The entire community is close and supportive of one another. Many new families arrive every year and they are welcomed with open arms. This town being so small makes it easy to access stores and parks that neighboring towns offer as well as the children find friendships throughout these towns. Talking about friendships, the ones that are created in the town truly stick all the way through college. For example, I was a brand new student going into sixth grade, nervous and unsure about what I was going to experience on my first day. I had to take the bus to school and at the next stop we picked up these two twins, brother and sister. The girls name was Elizabeth and she sat right next to me on the bus and started asking me all of these questions about myself and where I was from. The amazing part is to this day, about thirteen yeas later, we are still the best of friends. Unfortunately she goes to the University of Florida and I got to school in New York. If it was not for the closeness of the town, or the welcoming spirit of the people I might not have a friend like Elizabeth in my life. Another amazing part of this town is that all of the kids are mature and stick together through thick and thin, regardless of any petty fights that teenagers have every now and then. For example, my senior year in high school two best friends in my grade got into a terrible accident. Tragically one of the girls did not survive. Our whole grade and entire town came together to hold one another up. Every person made an effort to support the family and every person in the town had a connection with her. The town of Emerson is a place that I am proud to live and proud to call my home. I could not have asked for my parents to move to a better place and deeply thank them fro providing my brother and me with a stable and supported community.
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2017 Safest Suburbs in New Jersey