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Explore the places with the best public schools based on state test scores, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality, and student and parent reviews. This data is represented as a weighted average of the Niche Grades of area schools. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

  1. Ankeny

    • Suburb of Des Moines, IA
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    Niche User: Ankeny overall is a great town! I moved to Ankeny, IA from Berwyn, IL which is a town about fifteen minutes from Chicago. Berwyn is not the best town, it's home for a lot of ethnic and racial minorities and the education system was decent. The elementary school were proficient and had good success with student learning however going into the middle school and high school level, it started to decline. The high school there had been suffering with overall student achievement for a while.I have not been to Berwyn in two years, so I cannot speak for it now, but I speak for the fifteen or so years I was there. Moving to Ankeny was a big change for me, it's a small town which is rapidly growing and just in the two years I've been here they've expanded a whole lot! There is a new high school, Ankeny Centennial High School, which was built the just before I moved and another high school, Ankeny High School, that was built three years before that one. The education is excellent and they have provided the learning resources for their students to excel. With that being said, this has caused many new families to move into the area, as the education system is one of the best in Iowa. Many new homes and shops are being built to match up to the incoming population. Ankeny, overall, is a great town for new families or couples looking to raise a family. The town is very welcoming and family oriented and all round a great place to live!
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2017 Places with the Best Public Schools in Iowa