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2021 Most Diverse Places to Live in the Seattle Area

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  1. Dover Park

    • Neighborhood in Kent, WA
    • Rating 3.3 out of 5  20 reviews
    #9 Most Diverse Places to Live in Seattle Area

    Niche User: Since June, 2015, I have shared a 1 bedroom apartment with friends, I decided to move out in November 2015. Thus, I have found out that my decision was right at all because my life with the roommates was not as smooth and easily getting along with as well. We usually had conflict about organizing the room, cooking and cleaning schedule. Also, my personality was likely unappropriate to my roommates so that they felt I was terrible. Nevertheless, moving to Kent was so great to me even though going to school was more difficult since I'm Seattle Central College's student. But, living in an area which is improving as well with many stores are around, schools and medical care locate conveniently is a perfect condition for me. Moreover, moving to Kent gives me a chance to travel to the cities around easier. For instance, on the last Sunday, my boyfriend has came and picked me up to drive to Leavenworth in almost 2 hour; however, if I was in Seattle, we would have been there for three hours. Furthermore, the environment and the residental area around are very quiet and safe. It is an important factor for me to focus on my study. In the past, I have not been able to concentrate on studying since pressure from friends, from roommates forced me to think of them too much. Therefore, I wasted my time and dropped my GPA down so quickly. In the conclusion, the best decision I have made in my life is moving to Kent, living another best life rather than staying uncomfortably with the negative factors...Read 20 Reviews

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