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2021 Most Diverse Neighborhoods in San Bernardino

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  1. Nena

    • Neighborhood in San Bernardino, CA
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    #18 Most Diverse Neighborhoods in San Bernardino

    Niche User: I do live in a challenged area that has gotten a rating as the most dangerous city in California but I believe there is a focus on the area due to a ISIS tragedy last year. I personally love the beautify landscape of the mountains, the beautiful homes and the opportunity to help the lest fortunate people within about 15 miles of my area. There is a large element of homelessness in neighboring parks. I have lived in the best and worst community near the poorest and the richest people and found the same crime elements in both. You just do not always hear about the better neighborhood crimes on the news. I also know there is little to no effort to help these communities in the area of better education. When you know better you do better and you operate more accountable. I truly love my immediate area and find it unfortunate no news has publicized the good happening in the area churches, police departments, neighborhood groups, school programs, children pop warner sports, the police clean up of homeless areas and assistance to the underprivileged and much, much more. If given the opportunity I would love to encourage a focus on the good happening with the people and the community in spite of the challenges in the area that exist in most communities.
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