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2021 Best Suburbs for Young Professionals in Maryland

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  1. North Kensington

    • Suburb in Maryland
    • Rating 3.33 out of 5  6 reviews
    #24 Best Suburbs for Young Professionals in Maryland

    Niche User: To clarify my area is Silver Spring/Wheaton/ Kensington area, other surrounding areas have slightly different dynamics. The area s full of culture and there s plenty to do you can find activities, restaurants, entertainment, and religions from all over the globe. There is only a little class conflict and contrast within the area (people range from somewhat poor to upper middle class) but it is fairly high with immediately surrounding communities. Although there is little violence between classes, it is very apparent in services available (and the cost), housing costs, community features (all their public centers seem shining), and especially education. Montgomery county is supposed to be one of the best school districts in the US. However this because they shower the "Up county" school in richer areas with access money, the best staff, facilities, and funding, while largely ignoring "Down County" schools who have facilities in much need of repair, with underpaid staff who would readily leave for upcountry schools (where students are motivated and tutored), lack many of the advantage up county schools have (such as multiple training rooms, far more electronics, and tutors), and lower quality food. Money is granted based on the school's personal fundraising, number of students, and test scores, so the small down county schools are stuck in an eternal rut. This is a self-made community full of many opinions and determination. We have many recent immigrants and a unique culture,
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