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2022 Best Places to Retire in Tennessee

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1 through 25 of 454 results

454 results

  1. #4 Best Places to Retire in Tennessee.

    Signal Mountain

    Suburb of Chattanooga, TN,

    25 Niche users give it an average review of 3.8 stars.

    Featured Review: Current Resident says Signal Mountain is a great little community. Low crime, great schools. The reviews that talk about how safe it is but then complain about the lack of diversity or how conservative it is are...Is there night life? Nope. Go to Chattanooga for the night life. Why would you want it here? I say 5 stars for the "night life", which means black sky, lots of stars, and peace and quiet.The out of state guy complaining about the "crap housing" because of the prices...well guess who drove them up? All the out of state folks moving here BECAUSE of the schools and the community. I'm...Folks flooding Tennessee and Chattanooga in general have driven up housing prices. There's a reason they're moving here. In fact, I want to change my review of Signal. It's terrible. Stay away. No, really!.

    Read 25 reviews.

    Overall Niche Grade: A+,

    Population: 8,539,

  2. #12 Best Places to Retire in Tennessee.


    Town in Tennessee,

    19 Niche users give it an average review of 4.3 stars.

    Featured Review: Works Here says What I really like most about Oakland is the town. It's almost like everyone knows everyone. It's a small town that is in need of a make-over. The traffic can get very combusted. Overall the crime...I would like to see more food chains. These are just a few of the restaurants that I would like to see in the near future. For instance, we need a Target, Captain D's, Chick-fil-A, and of course Cook....

    Read 19 reviews.

    Overall Niche Grade: B minus,

    Population: 7,893,