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2021 Best Places to Live in the Saginaw Area

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  1. Monitor Charter Township

    • Suburb in Michigan
    • Rating 3.2 out of 5  15 reviews
    #14 Best Places to Live in Saginaw Area

    Niche User: Bay City is either really stunning or just a big flat basin, depending on where you are in the city, and what your perspective is. Most of it is extremely flat farm land, but there are some very beautiful areas by the river, and the downtown is very rustic and sweet. Bay City seems to be a standard, mid-west city, close enough to the other two "tri-cities" to have some things to keep you amused, but no huge attractions. We're close to some cool places - such as the Bavarian-style city of Frankenmuth - and the water is nice to see, but it's quite dirty, so boating is common, but not swimming. While parts of the city are shutting down, other parts are thriving and growing. But the real standing of Bay City in comparison to the rest of the country comes down to perspective. We're the middle-folk of the tri-cities - not as "dangerous" as Saginaw, but not as wealthy as Midland. If bars are your thing, then you will love it here - we have the most bars in the state. Like fishing? Also a huge love here. Bay City is one of thise places where you can feel like you're driving in the middle of nowhere one moment, and be in the city the next, so even if you live "in the country," you're never far from everything. The river splits Bay City, one side more rural, and the other more urban, so there's something there for everyone. As someone who has lived in Bay City for most of my life, it can be considered "boring." There aren't many exciting places to go or see, though we do have the occasional festival, such as the annual "River Roar." As for whether or not I would live here if I could do it all over, I would. I moved here when I was a kid, so it wasn't a "choice" I ever made, but it was a wonderful place to grow up. I don't plan on living here for the rest of my life, but I can honestly say that of the tri-cities, Bay City's folks are truly the nicest. There is just something very welcoming and "homey" about Bay City, and I would grow up here again in an instant.
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