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  1. Salmon Creek

    • Suburb in Washington
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    Niche User: The general atmosphere of Vancouver, Washington is the mellow sister city to the outgoing "weird" Portland, Oregon. Vancouver is a city that is large enough to keep you entertained, but small enough where it feels safe. Independence Day, however, is unlike anywhere else I have seen it in Vancouver. The entire city of Vancouver goes crazy with setting off fireworks (and Oregonians come here to do this too since it is illegal in their state). Vancouver provides great education for young adults through Clark College and Washington State University's Vancouver campus. There is also the Washington State School for the Blind, and the Washington School for the Deaf.

    I moved here almost a year ago from Arizona to establish residency for graduate school, and have been living with my grandma (who has lived in her home for over forty years). It is incredibly saddening how those without the ability to buy a home are having to pay nearly all of their paycheck on rent. Rent prices are on average for a one bedroom apartment as of June 2016 is $1200+ (Rent Jungle).

    Because of the increase in rent, many locals have had to move further away where things are more affordable, and many others have become homeless. Some blame the rich who have moved here, predominately from California for paying more to secure housing, and the rise of the cost for everyone. Besides the high cost of rent and living, Vancouver is an incredibly beautiful place to call home. It is on the north side of the Columbia River, with picturesque views of Mt. Hood (in Oregon), and also of Mt. St. Helens.
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