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2021 Best Places to Live in the Fort Wayne Area

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  1. Cedar Creek Township

    • Suburb of Fort Wayne, IN
    • Rating 4 out of 5  17 reviews

    Niche User: I absolutely love the community I live in. It has an atmosphere that felt like home the day I moved in. If I could choose again where I would live, I would pick the same exact house in a heartbeat. It has been a joy to see the neighborhood and community around me develop over the last several months. Around my house there is a new hospital and several businesses that are playing a role in creating an upcoming area for people who live in Fort Wayne. I cannot wait to be part of the development and growth of my area as my family gets more established in the community. I am passionate about getting involved in the growth that is helping build the community. Over the next year I plan to do this by teaching in the neighborhood school when I graduate. I want to teach in this school to build a deeper level of community in the neighborhood and with the students who live there. It is crucial that teachers are part of the bigger community that students belong to. Teacher involvement in the community is a valuable asset to the development and growth of students. When teachers are involved in the lives of their students outside of school, academics are positively impacted. This growing area has been a total blessing to my family. Living in one of the more expensive areas in Fort Wayne can be a financial burden at times; however, I wouldn't change living there for anything...Read 17 Reviews

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