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2021 Best Places to Live in Sheboygan County

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  1. Plymouth Town

    • Town in Wisconsin
    • Rating 3.5 out of 5  2 reviews

    Niche User: Living in Plymouth is a great experience, I learned a lot about myself growing up. This is the town where I grew up, graduated from high school and currently living their while I go go college. If I could do it all over again I would move back and grow up here; I feel that I learned so much about myself growing up and where I want to head in the future. When I was in grade school I was diagnosed with dylsexia which was a challenge because I was behind all of my classmates. I got teased for it and I would come home crying every night because the my classmates would be so mean to me. However, I am glad that I went through that experience because now I am a better person because of that event. I have a lot of patience when I do help kids out with homework because I know that everyone learns at different paces. Plymouth is the town where I learned that not everything in life comes easy. Dealing with dyslexia made me realize it early which now I am thankful because I love the direction where I am heading in now with my schooling even though I am working extremely hard which will make me appreciate it more when I am done with school. I feel if I grew up anywhere else in the country I probably would not have gotten through the road blocks of batting the challenges of being dyslexic because in Plymouth there is not too many bad influences in the area where I could of turned to if I was not strong enough. In the future in this area I probably see myself staying in the area and raising my own kids there because I had a good experience there even though mine was harder than the average kid. I refused to do the easy route and just walk away and move when life got challenging; I choose to keep my head up and I told myself I will get though this nothing in life comes easy.
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