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2021 Best Places to Live in Livingston County

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  1. Leicester

    • Town in New York
    • Rating 4.5 out of 5  2 reviews

    Niche User: Not a massive percent of crimes as well. Only I knew about a rape like few years ago and never heard anything about the crime yet. This area is very safe and excellent visibility of police. Let me explain what happened back in the summer 2015. I was driving my mom's car to drop off my sister to her school for driver education class. After i left her school and headed to wegmans to pick up couple things. Somehow, my mom's car automatically broke down and I had no idea what to do. I am deaf and I couldn't able to call the police for help because my parents were working on that day. I spotted a couple of police cars moving around the street and didn't recognize me because they thought I would pulled over to text someone, however a cop got noticed and walk out to check on me. I was freaked out because I heard a lot of news about police's verbal abusive or abusing many deaf people today from a lack of communication and more. He realized that I am deaf and he was so calmed and writing on a small paper to see my license.. insurance.. I told him that my dad left his work early to get me and check the car as well. He was like.. do you need anything? Do you want me to call your mom? Do you want me to stay with you and wait for your dad to come? I was speechless because this was my very first time to face with a cop in my life. He decided to stay with me to help out with my dad to get mom's car towed. I mean... This experience was amazing!
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